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As we continue to grow and strive to continually improve our customer satisfaction we are delighted to announce some internal staffing promotions.

Rachel has now joined our Accounts Department as our accounts administrator. Rachel’s appointment will ensure that the accounts department will continue to deal with our customers in a timely and efficient manner.

Jo has moved across to become the full time Parts Supervisor. The Parts Department has become increasingly busy as our business has developed. With the appointment of Jo we will continue to be confident that we can supply the correct parts as and when our customers require them – something that we believe is critical in delivering excellent customer satisfaction.

We wish Jo and Rachel every success in their new roles.

These staffing changes not only highlight the growth of Clemas & Co Ltd within the floor cleaning industry but also reflect our continued determination to ensure that our customer satisfaction is kept at the centre of our business.

May 1st, 2016 News


We are now well in to our Casino Games for 2016 and are excited to offer you the chance to achieve a “Full House” in our new game of Poker.

To achieve a “Full House” simply lease one of our floor sweepers along with a floor scrubber dryer and take out a 3 year service deal on both machines. Not only will we offer you a great value weekly price on this but we will also give you a machine cleaning kit free of charge.

Deals available under our “Full House” offer are:

  1. A S3 manual floor sweeper with a T300 50 scrubber dryer and servicing based on 2 site visits per year – all for £37+VAT
  2. A 512 battery floor sweeper with a T7 65 ride on scrubber dryer and servicing based on 2 site visits per year – all for £100+VAT
  3. A 512 floor sweeper ; a T300 50 scrubber dryer; a CV20 dry vacuum and a cold water pressure washer (Storm 1) – all for £68+VAT
    All lease prices are weekly & based on a 3 year deal.

The free cleaning kit you will receive on any of these deals will include: a maintenance spray, a hard surface cleaner, glass cleaner & a final dressing cleaner, everything you need to keep your cleaning machines and workshop areas looking good! To find out more information on these chemicals and others in our range please click here.



For more information please give our sales team a call on 01684 850777 and they will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Terms and Conditions: This promotion is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. The promotional code of PFH2016 must be quoted at the time of the order. Valid within a 50 mile radius of Tewkesbury. Offer valid until 30th June 2016.

April 1st, 2016 Special Offers


clemas-poker-chipsThis month we are launching the next game in our range of casino games for 2016. For the next 3 months we are offering you the chance to join in with out Poker game with us and achieve a “Full House”. This “Full House” involves simply leasing one of our specified floor sweepers along with a floor scrubber dryer and taking out a 3 year service deal on both machines.  We will then not only offer you a great value weekly price on these machines but we will also give you a machine cleaning kit free of charge.

This deal really does offer the “Full House” in that it will not only cover all your floor cleaning requirements but will also help with your associated cleaning costs.

Using a floor sweeper to pre-sweep the area removing all dust and debris, this will ensure when you use the floor scrubber dryer  it can work at its most optimum. The floor scrubber dryer will scrub and clean your floor surface with water and cleaning chemicals and will dry it as well. Using the two machines in combination with each other is a highly effective and efficient way to keep your floors as clean as possible.

By leasing these machines it enables you to budget as payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement. Cash will not be tied up in a depreciating asset and you do not have to find a big deposit. Having a scrubber dryer or sweeper on a lease will mean that you will always be cleaning with a “new” machine and can simply change it at the end of the term. You will have all the usage benefits without the ownership risks.

The added bonus of receiving our free cleaning kit will ensure that your cleaning machines are kept looking their best. Most companies will spend a lot of time and effort keeping their premises clean, but have you ever considered how it represents you as a company using dirty cleaning equipment?

The combination of the great weekly price for two floor cleaning machines together with the benefits of leasing these machines and the free cleaning kit will result in the most effective floor cleaning “Full House” package you can achieve.

Take a more detailed look at the deals available under our  poker game or give our sales team a call on 01684 850777 and they will be happy to give you more information.

April 1st, 2016 Floor Sweeper, News, Sweeper Scrubber Machine News


Whilst all our cleaning machines are designed to clean in the most effective manner possible, sometimes this is not enough.

The use of cleaning chemicals in your cleaning machine may offer the solution to achieve the high level of cleanliness you require. They can aid everyday cleaning or can be the answer to more difficult cleaning problems. Everyday chemicals such as multiscrub or ultrascrub are versatile and can be used in a scrubber dryer on medium to heavy soiled hard floors. For more stubborn marks such as tyre marks the use of Hydra Tyre mark remover within your scrubber dryer will leave your floors looking as good as new with minimum effort from the operative!

Using chemicals to enhance the performance of your cleaning machine is not just limited to scrubber dryers, they can be used with many types of cleaning machines to resolve a diverse range of cleaning issues. Chemicals can be used in conjunction with your pressure washer for the removal of graffiti or alongside your floor polisher  to help maintain and buff up your floors to highlight but a few.

Now is the perfect time to try using a chemical. As part of our Casino Games we are offering 21 weeks chemical free on the hire of a scrubber dryer.

Complete our Quick Enquiry form or give us a call on 01684 850777 and we will happy to discuss the best chemical for your requirements.



March 2nd, 2016 Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies News, News

S3 sweeper

We are adding to our Blackjack themed promotion this quarter by offering “21”% off the S3 sweeper for the next “21” days.clemas-chip

This means that the S3 is only £460. This is an amazing price for this walk behind sweeper.

With an 870mm sweeping width and TwinMax sweeping technology this machine offers excellent productivity and debris pick up. It has a low profile and dual side brushes which means it can clean in low hard-to-reach areas and ensures it consistently sweeps to the edges.

Complete our contact form or call us 01684 850777 to take part in this great “21” day offer.

T&C’s: Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Must quote “S32016” at the time of order. Valid within a 50 mile radius of Tewkesbury. Offer ends 21st March 2016. Price excludes VAT.

March 1st, 2016 Special Offers

Motorscrubber machine

It is a common misconception that industrial floor cleaning machines are only needed for large open areas. Just because your floor area is small does not mean that it can become any less dirty or that it needs cleaning less often than a large area. Quite the opposite – small floor areas are often “high traffic” areas.

Cleaning a small floor area by hand with a broom or mop and bucket can be incredibly hard work and time consuming. The result may also not be very effective. Industrial floor cleaning machines come in all sizes to help with this problem. The Motor scrubber is a small but truly versatile cleaning machine. It can be used inside or out and can be used with brushes or pads to either buff or scrub your floor/surfaces. Sweeping your small space is easy and effective with the S3 manual sweeper. It again can be used inside or out and does not need a power source. Similarly using a vacuum such as the backpack vacuum rather than a broom is quick, efficient and a cost effective use of your cleaning operatives time.

You will be amazed as to how much time, money and effort you could save by using an industrial floor cleaner even in the smallest of spaces. Why not give our friendly sales team a call on 01684 850777 or send us an email to and we can discuss your requirements.

February 1st, 2016 News


Whether you call it Blackjack or 21 we invite you to join us in the first of our Casino Games for 2016.

To play the game you will need to hire a scrubber dryer from us for 21 weeks and we will give you enough chemical to cover the 21 weeks free of charge. In addition to the free chemical we will also deliver and collect the scrubber dryer for free.

“Stack the cards in your favour” for the year ahead by taking part in this great “deal”!

For more information please give our sales team a call on 01684 850777 and they will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Terms and Conditions: This promotion is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. The promotional code of CCH2016 must be quoted at the time of the order. Valid within a 50 mile radius of Tewkesbury. Offer valid until 31st March 2016. Please note that all the free chemical will be delivered at the same time of the delivery of the scrubber dryer. The quantity of chemical given is based on use of the scrubber dryer 3 times a week and using a ratio of 1% chemical to water per tank.

January 1st, 2016 Special Offers


After the fantastic success of our Monopoly themed promotions in 2015 we are launching our “Casino Games” for 2016.

As before we will running a new “game” each quarter and invite you to “go all in” with us this year. Our Casino Games will cover all aspects of our business from consumables, machine sales, parts etc so we will be covering the “full house”.

Whether your game is Blackjack, Roulette or simply Snap, “place your bets” with us this year and we will do our best to ensure you “hit the jackpot!”.



January 1st, 2016 News


The highly popular T3 Tennant walk behind scrubber dryer has evolved into the T300. The latest technologies have been applied to the T300 ensuring that the T300 is at the forefront of cleaning machine development.

The popularity of the T3 was partly down to its versatility. The T300 offers the same versatility but its components have been enhanced through the use of the most up to date technologies.

One of the most significant updates from the T3 to the T300 is the option to have an on-board video screen. The video screen makes it simple for the operator to use the T300 with little training. It also allows “zones setting and “flow controls” to be created. Both help with allowing the operator to maximise the efficiency of cleaning and reduce the need for secondary cleaning. Saving both time and money.T300 video1

The T300 also has a “Quiet Mode” option which reduces noise levels and allows day time cleaning without disruption.

The introduction of yellow “touch points” and “Insta Click” scrub deck allows easy maintenance as the replacement pads and brushes can be “clicked” into place easily and quickly. These additions make it even simpler for the scrubber dryer to be kept in optimum condition.

As with the T3 the T300 has ec-H20 NanoClean technology which allows the floor scrubber to be used without the need for chemicals, thus reducing the consumption of daily floor cleaning detergents and their environmental impact.

The T300 has retained the great qualities of the T3 floor scrubber dryer such as its ease of use and versatility but offers truly useful and notable improvements which enhance the cleaning experience for the operator.

Click T300 to view more product details.

December 1st, 2015 News

customer service logo

Earlier this year we communicated how proud we were to have a fantastic reputation for our high quality customer service. However as we mentioned then and continues to be front of mind today, this reputation is only upheld if we continue to ensure that we meet all our customer needs. Striving for a great reputation is one thing, but continuing to deliver it keeps us well and truly on our toes!

It is therefore incredibly rewarding for us at Clemas & Co Ltd to know that we are delivering in our customer service. The Corporate Account Manager, Mike Pavely from one of our customers, Linde Material handling recently quoted:

“Ashley from Clemas met me on site following a request from my customer. After a brief consultation together with my client we understood the application and were able to respond with an on-site demonstration of the equipment the following day.  We were not given a lot of time to respond with the required solution on this project. The client decided to hire a machine and it has now been on site for over 6 months now with no problems at all. I would recommend Ashley and his team to anyone looking for a professional outsourced cleaning machine solution at a very competitive price point”.

 Linde – Creighton Ltd are a Material Handling company based across the West Midlands region and provide a diverse range of material handling equipment to many different business sectors.

Their business philosophy is to provide long-term local business partnerships based on a thorough understanding and genuine interest in individual business requirements as well as delivering responsive and effective after-sales support.

Receiving such great feedback from a company that looks to work in long term partnership with its customers and places importance on after sales support is a great compliment to us at Clemas & Co Ltd and encourages us to continue to achieve high quality customer service.

If you are looking for a new machine, a replacement machine or a refurbishment on any existing floor cleaning machinery, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information.


November 1st, 2015 News

general Repairs card Oct 15

We have now launched the final quarterly promotion of our Monopoly themed cleaning games.

Our latest offer is to “Make General Repairs” on your floor cleaning machines. To help with this Clemas & Co Ltd will be giving a 10% discount on all consumables when a maintenance contract is taken out on a Tennant machine.

At Clemas we are continually “preaching” to our customers how important it is to keep your cleaning machine in prime condition. Doing this ensures that your machine works at its maximum efficiency. Regular servicing and frequently replacing any damaged or worn consumables such as squeegees and brushes is critical to making the most of your time and effort.

To view which machines are involved in our “Make General Repairs” please click Tennant machines alternatively please contact us on 01684 850777 and our sales team will be happy to assist you further.

October 1st, 2015 News

Our Facebook site is up and running and waiting for you to “befriend us”!

The launch of our Facebook site not only offers us a great opportunity to pass on hints and tips and useful information as to what we are up to at Clemas but also gives us a forum where we can share your feedback  or answer any questions that you may have in a quick and easy manner.


Whilst our site is still in its infancy we hope that through the support of our customers the site will  develop and become a useful , interesting site.

We will continue to post updates on our promotions, useful tips, industry latests etc but we are also planning to run Facebook exclusive offers. So if you are an existing Clemas & co customer or new to us please “friend ” request us now to become eligible for these deals.

September 1st, 2015 News


Have you thought about how much a sweeping machine could benefit you? Are you currently using a broom or perhaps not pre-sweeping at all?

It is worth considering that a broom can actually create more dust, is incredibly time consuming, not to mention back breaking work! A sweeper can capture dust and debris in a single pass. It is easy to sweep quickly and uniformly. These considerations ensure that you are getting the most cost effective cleaning possible, especially when you add to this that a ride on sweeper can clean large areas in a fast, efficient manner.

If you pre-sweep the area before using your scrubber dryer it will enable your scrubber dryer to work more efficiently. There will be less chance of any damage being caused to your  scrubber dryer.  Common damage caused to your scrubber dryer by not pre-sweeping can be that debris causes a blockage in part of the machine or that squeegee blades become damaged due to grit wearing them. Additionally if the blades are not clean they can create streaks across the area being cleaned, meaning you may need to clean the area again!

Having seen what the benefits of using a sweeper can be why not view our current promotion of “Sweep Past Go”  to see how you can take advantage.

August 1st, 2015 Floor Sweeper, Industrial Cleaning Machines, News

free consumables card

Our Cleaning Games are well underway and we are now pleased to introduce, “Sweep Your Way Past Go”. With this offer you will receive a free spare main brush and a free side brush. All you need to do to qualify  is to purchase any Tennant battery or petrol operated sweeping machine.

At Clemas & Co Ltd we believe it is essential to keep your cleaning machine in prime condition to ensure that it works at its most maximum efficiency. Regular maintenance and good consumables are critical to make the most of your time and effort.

By having spare consumables on site (such as the brushes in our latest offer) it will ensure that you can simply change the old worn brushes and carry on cleaning with very little down time. You will not have to wait for the new brushes to arrive or pay for them to be delivered; saving you time and money.

In many cases it tends to be at the most inconvenient of times when parts may become worn on your machine and stop working well. However if you have spares on site you will have the peace of mind that you can continue with little disruption.  

To view which machines are involved in our “Sweep Past Go” please click Tennant machines alternatively please contact us on 01684 850777 and our sales team will be happy to assist you further.




July 1st, 2015 News

chance card image

If you are a regular reader of our news section or regularly receive our monthly email communication you will know that here at Clemas & Co Ltd we are very proud of our excellent reputation within the industrial cleaning industry. We are known for our efficient, fair and knowledgeable expertise and service.

As part of our Cleaning Games we are inviting you to put us to the test and “Take a Chance” on us.  If you are willing to to do this over the next two months we will show our appreciation by giving you one free service. To qualify you need to either purchase a Tennant machine from us or any service contract (minimum of 2 visits per annum).

As you would imagine us to say we are certain that we will be able to meet your expectations but you have to “Take the Chance” for us to prove it! 

To view which machines are involved in our “Take  A Chance” please click Tennant machines alternatively please contact us on 01684 850777 for further information.



June 1st, 2015 News

At Clemas & Co we have a fantastic reputation for our high quality customer service and it is something in which we take great pride. However this reputation is only upheld if we continue to ensure that we meet all our customer needs.  

One such customer whom we have established a strong relationship with is  Bushell & Meadow. Bushell & Meadow are a market leader in the area of high quality sub contract engineering components. With customers in the medical , aerospace and defense industries providing the highest quality precision products and customer service is essential.

Bushell & Meadow contacted Clemas as they needed a way to be able to extract both water and oil quickly and safely. Having assessed their cleaning needs and having undertaken a site survey we recommended  a wet and dry vacuum . Ian Mence, Business Development Manager for Bushell & Meadow was delighted with the service he received from Clemas as the machine exactly met the requirements and “saves time and does not make a mess. It contains all the liquid for easy decanting into the waste”. He went on to say “Clemas always provide a quick and competitively priced service for new equipment and the on-going service and maintenance of our existing cleaning equipment”.

If you are looking for a new machine, a replacement machine or a refurbishment on any existing floor cleaning machinery, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information.  

CALL OUR SALES TEAM ON 01684 850777 for further information.  

May 1st, 2015 News

Cleaning machines included in the Monopoly style promotions are:

Tennant Scrubber Dryers

T3 43 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

T3 50 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

T5 60 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

T5 70 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

T5 80 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

5680 80 Cylindrical Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

5680 80 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

T7+ 65 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

T7+ 80 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

T7 80 Cylindrical Ride On Scrubber Dryer

T12 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

7300 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

T16 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

T20 Disc Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Tennant Sweepers

S9 Pedestrian Sweeper

6100 Ride On Sweeper

6200 Ride On Sweeper

S20 Ride On Sweeper

Terms and Conditions:

Promotions are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. The relevant promotional code must be quoted at the time of the order. Valid within a 50 mile radius of Tewkesbury. Excludes T1, T2 & S3.

April 1st, 2015 Uncategorized

“Love it or loathe it the board game Monopoly is a classic and we are now offering our customers the “Chance” to play with us!

Clemas & Co have teamed up with machine manufacturer Tennant to run Monopoly themed promotions through out 2015.  We can’t promise for you to “Own it All” but if you need to “Make General Repairs” or get your machine “Out of Jail free” we maybe able to help!

We shall be running a new campaign each quarter allowing you to take advantage of a number of different fantastic offers throughout the year. In addition we shall also be running a number of shorter promotions so you will need to keep “Just Visiting” the website to check when you can take advantage of these offers.

The first campaign is due to start in April so all you need to do now is “sweep past Go” and wait for your “Chance” to take advantage of these offers.




April 1st, 2015 News

i-mopClemas & Co Ltd are excited to announce the arrival of the i-mop scrubber dryer into our range of industrial cleaning machines. The i-mop has been labelled “revolutionary” and has been tipped to transform the cleaning industry due to its unique and innovative design.

The i-mop gains its fantastic manoeuvrability from the patented 360 degree titanium hinge joint. This enables the machine to turn “on a sixpence” and clean right up to the edge of any object. Until now messy mops and buckets have been the only way to clean compact spaces such as toilet cubicles, under beds and tables. However the i-mop enables the operator to clean all these areas in an efficient and hygienic manner. As the i-mop scrubs and dries at the same time and leaves no dirty residue the mop and bucket are likely to become a relic of the past!

The i-mop only weighs 22kg which compared to a comparative 40 litre scrubber dryer machine at 170kg makes it incredibly light. The two counter rotating brushes (with a total brush width of 18 inches) run at approx. 300rpm. No functioning wheels are in contact with the floor, giving the machine a hovercraft feel and enabling outstanding manoeuvrability. As no wheels take the weight of the machine all the machine weight is placed on the brushes, giving a brush pressure of 22kg (equivalent to a ride on scrubber dryer). The good brush pressure and outstanding manoeuvrability allow the i-mop to work at any speed, literally as fast as the operative can walk without any loss of efficiency.

The light weight of the machine has further advantages in that it can be carried up and down stairs or from one cleaning area to another incredibly easily. Additionally it can be stored in the same size spaces as a vacuum cleaner.

Used in conjunction with the i-mop cleaning trolley a cleaning system is created. The cleaning trolley carries replaceable water tanks and batteries. Each 4 litre tank of fresh water can clean 300-400m2 with the dirty water being collected in an integrated 40 litre container. The environmental benefits of this are obvious when you compare this level of water usage against the 50 litres required by a standard scrubber dryer.

The ideal facility for an i-mop would be small to medium sized. However this could be across any industry as the machine has the capability to clean almost any floor surface.

For further details or to book your onsite demonstration please contact us 01684 850777 or email us on

February 1st, 2015 News

At the very centre of our business philosophy at Clemas & Co Ltd is our commitment to provide excellent service from initial enquiry through to after sales service.

Using our wealth of experience we pride ourselves on being able to work with our customers to ensure that we can provide the right machine to exactly match their requirements.

One such successful example was the placing of the Fiorentini C30 45 cable walk behind scrubber dryer into POWERSTATION in July 2014.

POWERSTATION is a one stop performance car service and tuning centre. Formed in 1988 by Dirk Hale and Rich Benton it has earned itself a position in the top echelons of the British performance car tuning industry. They achieved this position by maintaining the highest standards of workmanship, excellent customer care and insisting on only selling products that “really work”.

When their old cleaning machine broke down and the cost of repair was greater than the value of the machine they needed to find a replacement. The main issues on the 22,000 sq.ft space was oil and grease residue left on their floors, the floor is also dimpled as it is a safety floor so good suction to dry the floor was also important. Following a site survey the C30 45 cable scrubber dryer was recommended to fit all these criteria.

“Keeping a cutting edge workshop clean requires a scrubber dryer that can clean many different soils and leaves the floor dry in one pass. We purchased a Fiorentini machine from Clemas & Co Ltd that did everything that we need, we have had the machine for 5 months now and have not been let down.” Dirk Hale, Managing Director goes on to say “the machine is great and does everything we need it to do”.

If you are looking for a new machine, a replacement machine or a refurbishment on any existing floor cleaning machinery, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information.

January 1st, 2015 News

Incredibly another year has flown by for us at Clemas & Co Ltd. We have had a busy and productive 12 months developing our business to ensure that we continue to support our customers in the best way we can.  We would like to share with you a few of our highlights that have contributed to this:

  • The introduction of the Fiorentini range. The addition of this range to our existing ranges gives us even more flexibility in ensuring we can match the right machine to the needs of our customers. The Fiorentini machines are reliable and efficient and with our warehouse stocked with parts and consumables this makes us confident we are achieving the best for our customers. 
  • The opening of a new satellite depot on the edge of Birmingham. This second location makes it easier for our Midland based engineers to reach across the UK, reducing journey times and consequently response times. This new site offers the perfect opportunity for us to improve our service, especially to our Midlands and Northern based customers. 
  • Behind the scenes we have also been busy recruiting  a new engineer and marketing assistant. Their addition to our team helps us to work toward our central focus of customer satisfaction. 

We are constantly striving to improve our efficiencies and have the best reputation in the floor cleaning industry. We would like to thank our customers in helping us to do this and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.





December 1st, 2014 News

During October Clemas & Co opened a new satellite depot on the edge of Birmingham.

The opening of this additional depot is great news for our Midlands and Northern based customers as we look to improve our service to them. This second location makes it easier for our Midland based engineers to reach right across the UK, reducing journey times and consequently response times.

Customer satisfaction is our central focus and the reason behind our growth. This new site offers a perfect opportunity for Clemas & Co to be able to improve our service levels further.

The new depot is stocked with spares, parts and consumables just the same as the Head Office in Tewkesbury. The availability of stock being more locally situated  for our Midland engineers will enable us to provide a faster turnaround to our Northern & Midland based customers. Many hire machines are also being stored at the new depot which will help us to reduce the transport costs to our customers serviced from there. 


November 1st, 2014 News


Clemas & Co are proud to announce that they are the sole distributor for Fiorentini machines and parts within the UK.

Working in partnership with Fiorentini head office in Italy all our engineers are fully trained on Fiorentini machines. To support this we stock a comprehensive range of Fiorentini parts and consumables.  We are also able to offer regular, planned servicing on these machines. 

The Fiorentini range is diverse; it includes floor sweepers, floor scrubber dryers and floor polishers. The brand represents the best possible combination of quality and price. It takes advantage of the latest technologies yet maintains a practical, functional and elegant design. 

Whether you already have a Fiorentini machine in need of  a little ” tlc” or are looking to take advantage of the one year guarantee on purchasing a new machine we are confident we will be able to meet all your requirements. 

Please contact us on 01684 850777 for further information.





October 1st, 2014 News

Have you heard of ECA? If not it could be worth reading on as you may be able to save some money!

ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance) is part of a government initiative to help manage climate change. The scheme allows businesses to write off the entire cost of any green technology included on the government scheme against taxable profits, reducing the amount of tax you pay whilst saving a minimum of £1000.

We carry a range of machines from two manufacturers on the scheme, Tennant and Gansow. Two examples of the Tennant machines are the Tennant T3 50 ec-H2O walk behind scrubber dryer and the  Tennant T7 65 ec-H2O ride on scrubber dryer. They both use the Ec-H2O technology which electrically converts water into an innovative cleaning solution that cleans effectively. Tennant scrubbers equipped with ec-H2O technology can scrub up to three times longer with a single tank of water and use up to 70% less water than conventional floor scrubbing methods.

Alternatively to the Tennant machines we carry the range of Gansow Scrubber Dryers with GWS (Gansow Water Saving) . Two examples of these are the Gansow 41B walk behind scrubber dryer and the Gansow 151 ride-on scrubber dryer. The GWS technology enables the machines to clean double the floor space compared with a conventional scrubber dyer. This not only helps save water but allows your business to use a smaller machine with the productivity of a much larger machine if space is a restriction without impacting on your cleaning efficiency.    

So how does it save you money? If for example you purchased the Gansow 41B at £4299 you could put 100% of this cost against your taxable profits.  Thus reducing the balance on which you are due to pay tax. 

If this is something that may benefit your business you can view the scheme information and list of eligible machines on the government website :  or please contact us on 01684 850777 for further information.

September 1st, 2014 News

The main cause of early failure in batteries is due having the incorrect electrolyte level within your battery. It is the electrolyte that gives the battery the ability to produce power and take in charge. Without it it does neither!

It is thus critical that the distilled water in the battery is maintained at the correct level as this effects the electrolyte level. Either overfilling or underfilling can also cause problems. If you over fill you can cause dangerous spillage and dilution but if you underfill you risk the batteries drying out and warping.

Unlike a car battery (which just starts the car) the battery in a cleaning machine actually runs the machine. With all this in mind it is a job that must be done but can clearly be a little tedious, especially if you have more than one machine!

The autofill battery system takes away the pressure of making sure you do it right. It gives the batteries precise maintenance, which in turn gives improved machine reliability.

The system works by placing a different cap onto each battery with a small float attached. This then cuts off as soon as the limit is reached . This system can also be fitted retrospectively.

It is a not expensive and is simple to install and has the possibility of saving you hundreds if you have to replace failing batteries earlier than planned.

Please contact us on 01684 850777 for further information.



August 1st, 2014 News

The roots of Clemas have always been in service, as this was the basis on which the company was originally established. With this as our heritage you can be confident that we are well equipped to service and maintain any new industrial cleaning machine, as well as maintaining any existing industrial cleaning machine that you have. We have many long standing customers whom continue to compliment us on our excellent, efficient, on-going service to them. One such customer is LF Beauty at White Horse Business Park in Trowbridge, (where LF Beauty (UK) Ltd continue to innovate, develop and produce an exciting portfolio of high quality health and beauty products; covering skincare, cosmetics, body care, toiletry, sun care and hair care). 

Sarah Lofts, Operations Support Supervisor commented that “We have worked closely with Clemas for several years and when we brought new floor cleaners Clemas came to visit our site and advised as on the best machines suitable for our site. Throughout this time they kept us informed of all developments and expected delivery times. Since receiving our cleaners, Clemas have been helpful with all our questions and have provided us with an excellent service, with regular servicing and repairs”.  

A service contract will provide you with ease of mind that your cleaning machine will be kept in a reliable condition and can also help counteract potential future problems. Unscheduled maintenance and repair, plus the downtime of the machine can sometimes be costly and often at the most inconvenient of times!

We can provide planned service and maintenance visits to you as many times is needed throughout the year to help keep your industrial cleaning equipment functioning efficiently at all times.

Please contact us on 01684 850777 for further information.

July 1st, 2014 News

There are many reasons why sometimes purchasing your cleaning machine may not be right for your business. Whether it be due to cash flow or you need to keep your capital for other projects, securing your cleaning machine on a lease may be the answer. 

With a lease over 3, 4 or 5 years you can simplify your budgeting as payments are fixed throughout the term of the agreement, enabling accurate forecasting. Cash will not be tied up in a depreciating asset and you do not have to find a big deposit. The other benefit to your business is a potential tax advantage as lease payments are fully deductible. 

Having a scrubber dryer or sweeper on a lease will mean that you will always be cleaning with a “new” machine and can simply change it at the end of the term. You have all the usage benefits without the ownership risks.

From as little as £3.50 per day you could lease a walk-behind scrubber dryer making this an affordable option. By using a cleaning machine at such a relatively low cost you will be maximising your cleaning staffs time and making them as efficient as they can be.  

Please contact us on 01684 850777 for further information.

June 1st, 2014 News

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Tennant 6400If you are looking for a machine to complete a one off clean, maintain your floors or to complement your existing machines on your site hiring a machine could be the solution, a full service program is incorporated into the hire contract allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

We have a comprehensive fleet of cleaning machines available to hire for both commercial and industrial cleaning that are suitable for most applications, available for weekly, monthly or long term hire to cover every hire need you may have.

We have an extensive range of chemicals and consumables that can be used in conjunction with your machines, including our new deep clean pre-spray chemical that is great on those tough, stubborn marks including tyre marks.

We offer competitive prices on our range of hire machines; whether it’s a week’s hire or a longer hire period, please call us on 01684 850777 for further information on any of our hire machines.




May 1st, 2014 News


April 2nd, 2014 News

If you have been tasked with choosing a floor cleaning machine you will know that it can be a troublesome and time consuming with knowing where to start and the hundreds of different options to choose from. Each application will require a different result whether it’s to remove those stubborn stains, maintain hygiene levels or keeping dust levels to a minimum, we are here to help and advise you on which machine will best suited for what you need.

The friendly and experienced staff at Clemas are independent advisors and can help you make the right decision for your application, supplying a range of different machines for different industries we have everything needed to help you maintain your premises to the high standards needed.

If you need a quick idea of which machine you are looking at please view ourwhich machine section of the website, this takes you through a series of questions about your application and will then provide you with an idea of the correct machine needed.



March 3rd, 2014 News

Promo cleaning kit_edited-3Most companies will spend a lot of time and effort keeping their premises up together and clean, but have you ever considered how it represents you as a company using dirty cleaning equipment; spruce up your cleaning equipment and appearance by using the cleaning maintenance kit, you may be surprised at the difference it makes. If you look after your machines and keep them in good working order it will help towards their longevity.

The kit includes everything that you need; a maintenance spray, a hard surface cleaner, glass cleaner & a final dressing cleaner, everything needed to help keep your machines looking good!

If you purchase a floor sweeper or scrubber dryer during February, March & April we will give you the floor maintenance kit free of charge. However if you wanted just purchase the cleaning machine maintenance kit on its own including the basket to hang in your workshop please let us know.

We keep chemicals in stock, so once you have finished using the chemicals you can replenish them easily and quickly.

Please call our friendly sales team on 01684 850777 to place you order!


February 1st, 2014 News

As we are about to embark on another new year we can look back at 2013 favourably. We believe some of our highlights over the past 12 months have included adding an entire new range of floor cleaning equipment offering you more choice, improving our systems to help improve our already outstanding customer service and following feedback from our customers; the re-design of our website making it easier for you to navigate and easily view all of the options that are available to you.

Clemas are here to help you with all your requirements for keeping your floors clean. Not only do we supply the machines but also chemicals, parts and consumables. Our customer service is second to none and we offer all of our customers a very competitive servicing plan allowing us to continue supporting you.

We offer a range of payment options including; outright purchases, a monthly lease plan from 2 – 5 years and short & long term contract hires.

Machines that we supply include: scrubber dryers, sweepers, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, polishing machines, litter machines & chewing gum removal machines.

We will come to your site and provide a free, no obligation site survey helping you to decide what machine is the most suitable for your application, just call our sales team on 01684 850777.





January 1st, 2014 News

512 Sweeper In UseAs we are nearing the end of the year you may decide to give your premises a ‘Christmas Clean’, we can supply a range of floor cleaning machines from scrubber dryers, sweepers, pressure washer, vacuums and many more to assist you with your cleaning. You can choose whether to purchase outright, hire or lease your floor cleaning machines.

We offer competitive lease prices ; whether it’s a 12 month lease or a 3 year lease. If you are looking for a longer term solution we are currently offering a free set of consumables on Tennant scrubber dryer or sweeper taken out on a lease until the end of December which is shown on our special offers web page.

Leasing your cleaning machines is a more affordable option, we can offer competitive finance rates, your lease rates will also have 0% interest charges on your maintenance contract, all for one monthly price.

If you have a floor cleaning machine that is not performing as it should perhaps it needs a good service or a refurbishment, we supply a comprehensive a range of consumable and spare parts for most makes and models of floor cleaning machines.

To discuss your floor cleaning requirements please call our sales team now on 01684 850777 and one of us will be happy to talk through your requirements and give you any guidance that you may need.

December 2nd, 2013 News

Chemical1Many warehouses have the problem of removing stubborn marks including rubber tyre marks off their floors, Hydra Tyre Mark Remover is the perfect chemical to use in conjunction with your floor scrubber dryers as it is a specialised heavy duty cleaner which has been designed to remove those particularly stubborn rubber deposits such as tyre marks from floor surfaces.


  • Use Hydra floor chemical manually or agitate & collect with a floor scrubber dryer
  • Safe to use on epoxy coatings and screeds
  • Water rinse-able and leaves no slippery residues
  • Contains no harmful solvents, caustic chemicals, paraffins, aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons

Visit our webpage – to view the chemical data sheet for Hydra Tyre Mark Remover. 

Call us now on 01684 850777 to place your order or if you have any further queries.


November 1st, 2013 News

Mtoolsany companies have machines on site that need a bit of TLC or machines that are hidden in store cupboards, under the stairs or other storage areas that need to be looked at.  You may be surprised at how effective your cleaning machines can be after a bit of attention.

If you book a free health check, one of our fully qualified engineers will visit your site to assess your machines, if we spot anything that needs working on, repairing, or replacing we will supply you with a no obligation quotation for the work to be carried out. 

Call us now on 01684 850777 to book your visit now or visit  our web page for further information on this offer.  





October 1st, 2013 News

6100-leftSweeping machines are ideal for removing dirt, debris and dust  from both inside and outside areas. We can supply walk behind machines for your smaller, less accessible areas and ride on machines for your larger more open areas. 

Sweeping your floors is an effective way of helping you keep dust and debris levels to a minimum.  Our sweeping machines come with a vacuumation system that help remove the dust from your areas rather than just pushing the dust around with a broom and the effective sweeping systems ensure that your debris is collected easily and efficiently. 

Our wide range of sweepers available can be viewed here –

We are currently offering a 10% discount on selected sweeper models, to find our more about this promotion please click here

 Please call us on 01684 850777 for any further information on our machines, hire or services. 

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September 1st, 2013 News


Is Your Litter Causing You A Problem? We Have The Solution, The Petrol Powered Litter Vacuum Is Suitable For All Of Your Outdoor Areas.

Our petrol powered walk behind litter vacuum  is ideal for cleaning your general debris, leaves and litter in all your outside areas, it comes with an option of manual or traction drive and has a powerful 5hp engine and a 780mm sweeping width. 

Please call us now on 01684 850777 or visit our Litter vacuum webpage for further technical information –




August 1st, 2013 News

Dissolve Your Chewing Gum On Your Floors In Under 10 Seconds

Gumpak machine in useThe Ecogum machine is the perfect machine to carry around and disintegrate your chewing gum on hard and soft floor areas, you can remove around 250 pieces of gum per hour. This machine is operated by 2 LPG canisters and with the combined mixture of heat, specialised biodegradable chemical and either wire or poly brushes allows the effective clearing of chewing gum off of all your external and internal floors.

With the option of purchasing this machine or just hiring it on a daily basis there is an option to suit everyone.

Hire – £175 + VAT per day, or £500 per week
Purchase – £2,699 + VAT

Service box for exterior & carpets – £75.00 + VAT
Service box includes 4 x 2 litre chemical, 2 x gas containers &
3 x stainless steel & 1 x nylon brush. 1 service box equals 8 hours of gum removal 

Call us now on 01684 850777 for further information.

T & C’s – delivery & collection charges apply, minimum of a 2 day hire period.

June 1st, 2013 News

Wash Away Your Dirt With The Unique Combi Pressure Washer

The Combi pressure washer combines the Rotowash and Hurricane pressure washers making it ideal for use on flat surfaces including patios, decking, marinas, pedestrian walkways, roads, car parks. The Combi unit comes complete with twin spinning arms which rotate at 2000rpm and a 50mm heavy duty skirt which eliminates overspray to anything nearby which is essential when cleaning in urban areas.

The Combi glides effortlessly over any surface minimising operator fatigue, this machine comes with grey non marking rubber wheels which are ideal for most flat surfaces. Due to the power of the pressure washer and the spinning arms, operators benefit from cleaning surfaces in a fraction of the time.

The Combi machine can also be used as a stand alone pressure washer by attaching a lance making it a versatile and practical machine for many applications. Call our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information.

May 1st, 2013 News

Compact & Robust Battery Powered Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Tennant have launched the T12 battery powered ride-on scrubber dryer, this machine has a 132 litre solution capacity tank and an 810mm scrub width with up to 90Kg main scrub head down-pressure. This machine comes with several different options including; side cleaning brush which extends cleaning path by up to 28%, spray hose to wash your racking or machine down, deluxe seat, vacuum wand and heavy duty front and rear bumpers. 

Exclusive Chemical-Free ec-H2O Technology
Clean effectively, save money, increase safety and reduce environmental impact with optional chemical-free ec-H2O technology when compared to daily floor-cleaning chemicals and methods.

Clean Edges
Clean floors from edge-to-edge with optional scrubbing side-brush.

Increase Productivity
Get more cleaning done with a 28% wider scrub path when using the scrubbing side-brush.

Easy to Maintain
Save time and money in routine maintenance activity with easy-to-identify, yellow maintenance touch points.

This machine is suitable for the toughest of environments, please call us now on 01684 850777 for further information on this machine.

April 2nd, 2013 News

The Gansow Scrubber Dryers Are Extremely Robust & Come with A 3 Year Warranty.

The Gansow range of scrubber dryers are extremely heavy duty and robust machines that can be used in the most heavy duty environments. 

The Gansow scrubber dryers come with a 3 year warranty as standard; offering you unrivalled quality and peace of mind. These machines are available from a compact pedestrian 26 litre through to a large 350 litre ride-on scrubber dryer. One of the best features of these machines is the water saving feature (GWS – Gansow Water Management System), this feature allows you to cover double the area on one tank of water than a conventional scrubber dryer providing you with both cost and time savings.

The Premium Gansow range of scrubber dryers has various options including an Atex explosion-proof machine suitable for hazardous environments and an all stainless-steel version suitable for the food industry. 


March 1st, 2013 News

Machines, Parts & Consumables For All of Your Floor Cleaning Equipment.

We supply all the parts and consumables for your range of floor cleaning equipment, we are an independent company that can provide all your parts and consumables for most makes and models of cleaning machines.

As we are independent we can offer you the cleaning machine solution that suits your needs best, whether you are after a small compact machine to get into those small, tight areas or a larger machine that covers your area faster making your cleaning more efficient and productive.

We are renowned for our fantastic servicing programmes, ensuring that your machines are kept in the best possible working order.


February 4th, 2013 News

Celebrating 25 Years In Business……

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and we wish you a very Happy New Year. In addition to celebrating the New Year , we are also celebrating our 25th anniversary!

To celebrate our 25th anniversary we are offering our customers a FREE Ecol 65 sweeper with selected scrubber dryers.
Please see our special offers web page for further infomation.

January 2nd, 2013 News

Merry Christmas


The team at Clemas would like to wish everyone a Merry  Christmas!

Our opening hours over the Christmas period will be:

21st December: 8.00 – 14.00
22nd December – 1st January; closed
2nd January: 8.00 – 17.00; resume normal working hours

December 1st, 2012 News

ec-H2O, No Chemicals Needed In Your Floor Scrubber Dryer!

Use your scrubber dryer with tap water and get the same results as adding detergent. The ec-H2O technology within your scrubber dryer converts plain tap water into a cleaning agent without adding any chemicals; the Tennant scrubber dryers use temporarily charged water instead of detergent to remove dirt providing enormous benefits for the user including increased cost efficiency, reduced environmental issues and improved health and safety.  

The ec-H2O technology ensures user safety as no chemicals are involved which in turn removes or reduces many health and safety risks. Slip and fall accidents as a result of slippery detergent residue are one safety risk that will be significantly reduced.

Ec-H2O technology is environmentally friendly as the only liquid to enter the machine is tap water helping reduce the environmental impact of traditional cleaning chemicals; ec-H2O also uses up to 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods, saving you time refilling your machine.

Cost effective;there is no need to purchase detergent for your scrubber dryer, productivity is increased by up to 30% due to increased scrub times and reduced fill and drain times and no time is needed for chemical handling, mixing and usage training.

The ec-H2O technology is ideal for use in the food sector, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, kitchens, dairies, bakeries and many more applications. The machines can be used to clean a variety of floor surfaces such as tile, non-slip surfaces, linoleum and painted floor surfaces.

Just fill with H2O and go!

November 1st, 2012 News

 Hazardous and Atex  Vacuums 

Our range of hazardous vacuum cleaners are to be used in environments that have a risk of being hazardous to health or a risk of explosion.

Our hazardous vacuums are designed to protect the user and other employees surrounding the user. 

A vacuum cleaner works by drawing in large amounts of air, as this air is pulled into the vacuum cleaner the dust you are vacuuming up is also sucked up. This air needs somewhere to go, as it can’t keep building up inside the vacuum there just isn’t enough room. So the air is filtered and then expelled from the exhaust located on the back of the vacuum.

This is where hazardous dusts really become a problem. In a conventional “standard” vacuum cleaner the filters that clean the air before it is expelled from the vacuum are not fine enough to stop small particles of workshop waste dust, Asbestos and Silica from entering the air. The operator then breathes in this air, normally without even realising it and this is when the damage begins. 

We have a vast range of hazardous and atex vacuum cleaner suitable for almost any environment! Please visit our hazardous vacuums web pages or contact us on 01684 850777 for further information. 

October 1st, 2012 News

Prolong The Working Life Of Your Machine With A Service & Maintenance Contract 

Our service contracts are designed to assist in keeping all of your cleaning machines in the best possible working condition whilst often prolonging the life of your machines.

With planned and regular servicing, we will visit your site up to 4 times a year depending on how often you use your machines and go through all the working parts of your machine, making sure that they are kept in good working order.

We can service most makes and models of all your floor cleaning equipment, for further information or a quote please call us on 01684 850777.

August 30th, 2012 News

Ec-H2O – the technology that allows you to use no chemicals within your scrubber dryers!

The ec-H2O technology activates water to perform like a powerful detergent. How does this work? The machine is filled with tap water then infused with highly oxygenated micro-bubbles which produces oxygenated water which is sent through a water cell where an electric current is applied. 

The charged water attacks the dirt helping it break into smaller particles, after approximately 45 seconds the charged water combines into normal water. All that is left in the recovery tank is plain dirty water. The ec-H2O technology can be used with the Tennant T3 & T5 pedestrian scrubber dryers.

The benefits to this new technology are:
– User safety is improved as there is no need to handle chemicals
– Environmental, as no chemicals are used the machines become environmentally friendly
– Simple and cost effective to us
– Scrubbers equipped with ec-H2O technology can scrub up to three times longer with a single tank of water and use up to 70% less water than conventional floor scrubbing methods.  
 Please visit our ec-H2O webpage for more information on how this works.


August 3rd, 2012 News

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FOX Vacuum Cleaner 

Small, compact and affordable vacuum cleaner that can be used without a paper bag. With the unique Easy push filter cleaning system you can easily clean the filter and all the dust from the filter will still be in the tank. Comes with a strap to enable the vacuum to be carried making it more versatile. 


          • 1200 watt motor 
          • 5m cable 
          • 6 litre capacity 
          • 3kg


July 2nd, 2012 News

The New Combi P4 Pressure Washer


The Combi P4 combines the Rotowash Professional and Hurricane P4 pressure washer into one machine. Making it easy to transport and the perfect cleaning solution for municipal cleaning such as pavements, walkways and sports grounds such as tennis courts and tracks and car parks.

It has the added bonus of being able to remove the pressure washer from the Rotowash and use just as a pressure washer.



April 10th, 2012 Uncategorized

Happy New Year

Coming soon……heavy duty scrubber dryers suitable for any application.

The Premium Line of Gansow walk behind and ride on industrial scrubber dryers are of an unmatchable quality that is proven with a 3 year warranty.

The Premium Line range of machines caters for heavy industrial usage whilst also covering your bespoke needs. The heavy duty scrubber dryers are available from a compact 26 litre walk behind machine through to a 350 litre ride-on scrubber dryer. Options in the range include an Atex explosion-proof scrubber dryer suitable for hazardous environments, and a special all stainless steel scrubber dryer designed especially for the food industry.

The GWS (Gansow Water System) which comes as standard on certain models increases productivity by up to 50%, and gives you up to a 50% saving on chemicals and water.

The Premium Line machines are unrivalled in terms of build quality, come with a 3 year warranty and offers you a wide range of solutions. Please contact us on 01684 850777 for further information.

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