2023 Wrapped Up

Time marches on.

Quite literally, it’s December already?!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your continued business and supporting Clemas for another year!

Anyway, we know what you’re here for… you want to know what we’ve been up to…

In no specific order:

Clemas underwent a full-scale company rebrand to represent our new identity. The Clemas brand has shifted, it’s modernised, and our fresh ideas will propel us into the future of cleaning (… did someone say AI? We have a new innovative and futuristic product range launching soon!!). With a new approach, comes a new look! Clemas’ brand colours are now green and yellow! Our vans have a new design and the Clemas uniform has had a makeover!

For months the team worked on perfecting our new website ready for launch. The hard work is paying off! It’s beautiful, it’s functional, it’s everything we wanted. Of course, we couldn’t stop there! Why not launch an online store? Our previous parts and consumable sales process involved customers ringing in or emailing us to order parts for their machines, which we still offer! However, we wanted to streamline the shopping/purchasing experience for you further. Now, with our online store, you can directly and immediately order parts, consumables and even a limited selection of small machines, whenever you need them! AND, we’re offering you 10% off your first order using the code: WELCOME10 . There’s no pressure to use the offer, of course, but it’s there to help you out if and when you need it.

To accommodate the growing demand, we’ve hired three new full-time team members which develops our sales, driving and engineering teams! We’ve even expanded in the West Midlands due to outgrowing one of our smaller sites and filling bigger space to facilitate our requirements.

Now here we are, in December… already?! With Christmas just weeks away, we want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fab new year! Enjoy your time relaxing and celebrating with loved ones.

This is our last blog of 2023, but we’ll still be keeping you updated on LinkedIn until the 21st of the month.

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