A Consultative Approach Means The Perfect Floor Cleaning Machine

A Consultative Approach Means The Perfect Floor Cleaning Machine

The right floor scrubber dryer can be like an extra member of staff for a busy cleaning team, if carefully chosen. A bad choice can end up expensive, time consuming and inefficient. A nightmare scenario for any business is an unused floor cleaning machine that sits in the corner or a broken one where it’s been used for the wrong purpose. There are so many choices of floor cleaning machines available in the market today that it can be quite overwhelming to choose the best for your business, that’s where Clemas & Co can select and recommend floor cleaning machines that are right for you and your particular cleaning tasks.

Clemas & Co have been in the industrial cleaning business since 1988 and know that a consultative approach to finding the perfect floor cleaning machine that exactly meets your needs will be best for you and your cleaning team. A consultative approach means that early on we get a full understanding of every aspect of your particular cleaning activities and how this relates to your business activities. You will be asked lots of questions by your dedicated sales person who will also visit your site and conduct a comprehensive site survey before any cleaning machines are recommended. This may seem an arduous process at first but investing some time and effort at the start will certainly save you hassle, stress and money in the long run and prevent a wrong choice, sub-standard cleaning results and wasted money.

The right floor cleaning machine for your business involves being able to come up with answers to these questions:

Are You Or Your Staff Using A Cleaning Machine Already?

If you have been using a particular floor scrubber dryer that has done the job well for you we will not recommend something different for the sake of it. It may be the case that there are additional features on another scrubber dryer, or a newer model of the one you currently have that has improved features that may benefit you and improve your cleaning activity further, in this instance we may recommend a different machine. The Tennant Autofill battery technology that has recently been introduced is an example of recent improvements to scrubber dryers, we can advise you on the latest developments in the market and how these can or can’t help improve your cleaning.

What Is Your Budget?

Every business is striving to keep costs to a minimum and get the best value for money. We will work with you to achieve this as we select from a wide range of cleaning machines to suit all budgets. Fully refurbished used machines or ex demo models may be a cost-effective choice for some, Clemas has a large fleet to choose from. The long-term leasing option of up to five years is also an option, this can help to ease cashflow. Clemas will find a bespoke solution to suit your particular budget targets.

How Frequently Will Your Floor Cleaning Machine Be Used?

Frequency of use will define value for money and this is considered during the machine selection process. Better quality machines may be more suitable for frequent cleaning of highly soiled areas, or if hygiene is very important, however, if you only clean once a month then it may not be a large complex floor scrubbing machine you need but a simpler solution, a mop and bucket may be all that you need. We won’t sell you what you don’t need, this approach is why Clemas & Co has grown from strength to strength since 1988 with many loyal customers who trust our expert advice and recommendations.

 What Are You Going To Be Cleaning?

Oil/grease? Dust? Hazardous material? Litter? Wet and Or Dry? Each type of dirt/debris will need a different machine, pad or brush, machine strength/power and answers to this essential question are needed when deciding which machine is most suitable for the particular cleaning job at hand.

What Type Of Floor Are You Cleaning?

A disc machine with a pad holder is the most versatile because you can change the floor pad to suit the floor and type of dirt/soiling that needs removing from the floor. This works well on a relatively smooth floor, a floor that marks easily or a range of different floor material types.

Cylindrical machines have roller brushes with a high R.P.M. (turning speed of the brushes) and high contact pressure with the floors. These scrubber dryers are ideal for cleaning ingrained dirt out of uneven, undulating floors, cracked floors and other rough finishes.

Your dedicated Clemas & Co sales consultant will select and recommend the right machine type and accessories to match your particular cleaning task and floor surface type.

Is Cleaning Taking Place On One Level Or Over Several Floors?

Weight and ease of use of your floor scrubbing machine will be important if there are several levels in the building and no or few lifts. Most scrubber dryers are battery powered and for many good reasons. Moving it around and cleaning a number of floors with no trip hazards that a cable machine brings makes a battery-operated machine essential. Consider the run time for a battery scrubber dryer so it does the job in one charge, most types will need charging, uninterrupted for up to 12 hours.

How Long Do You Spend Cleaning?

Some scrubber dryers will mean less time is needed to clean because of their efficiency and speed, this may mean that less cleaning staff are needed. We will explain about the time your floor cleaning machine takes to set up and clean down as well as usage time and see what is the best option for your business.

Floor Size?

The size and accessibility of area to clean will also determine what size and type of floor cleaning machine will be suitable, and whether it’s worth investing in a ride on machine rather than a pedestrian/push along floor scrubber. If you need to use the machine for several hours at a time which is often over a large floor area then battery length of run time is key. On larger ride on floor cleaning machines, diesel, petrol or LPG can also be considered, these have environmental implications which need thinking about.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact floor area measurement in meters or feet, we often ask what the size of your floor is in relation to a football pitch.

 Cleaning When There Are People Around?

A mains powered machine will fast become a health and safety issue if there are people constantly around to trip over your cable, the mains powered option is only available for the smaller machines. If cleaning has to be done when there are people around, e.g. in a supermarket or an airport then it will usually be a battery powered cleaning machine. The noise level of the machine will also have to be considered.

The Questions Are Done, So What Happens Next?

Your dedicated Clemas account manager will use all your information to select the most suitable floor cleaning machine for your particular cleaning needs. There may be just one or there could be several choices of cleaning machine, it all depends on your particular situation.

After the site survey and the machine selection is done, we will come to your site with the recommended floor cleaning machine (or more than one) and you will get a full, free of charge demonstration. You benefit from seeing for yourself the various features and cleaning results the machine(s) will give you in their intended environment. You and your cleaning staff can try out the machine to see if it will be suitable.

Whatever machine you end up purchasing, Clemas & Co’s consultative approach means that you will get a bespoke solution that exactly meets your cleaning needs for the best possible cleaning results. You won’t have a cleaning machine that is unused and gathering dust in the corner that is a waste of money.

It Doesn’t End Once You Have Purchased Your Scrubber Dryer

There are several aspects to think about to ensure your floor cleaning machine continues to clean to the same standards as when it was new. Regular servicing or preventative maintenance, user training and ongoing refresher training, spare parts, consumables and accessories and chemicals are available from Clemas & Co. Expert advice is available throughout the lifetime of your cleaning machine so you are fully supported in all aspects of your cleaning activities.

Make sure you choose an established company with well trained and experienced engineers and staff who are able to support you, even if you have a large complex cleaning machine. After making an important and often substantial investment in your cleaning operation, Clemas & Co will work with you so your machine lasts for many years to come and consistently produces the best possible cleaning results.

Call our sales team today on 01684 850777 or e mail info@clemas.co.uk and let’s work together to create a bespoke solution for you.


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