A Customer Journey – Improving Indoor Air

Thanks to John & Nicky Colley – Talbot Woods Lodge

John and Nicky Colley manage Bournemouth’s Talbot Woods Lodge, a family run care home for adults with learning disabilities, operating for 22 years.

The lodge is a charming 15 bedroom home primarily focused on residential adult care but also offering a valuable day service for adults.

Talbot Woods has been acknowledged as a key provider in modern care practices and as a model for good practice, often being demonstrated as a show home for new members of local professional teams such as Social Workers.

Our business relationship with Talbot Woods Lodge first began in January 2020 in helping John purchase replacement squeegee rubbers for the homes i-Mop floor scrubber dryer, and then again in March when a solenoid valve was needed.

Clemas & Co Ltd stock a large selection of genuine parts and consumables for most cleaning machine models which enables a quick and efficient parts service for all our customers, and always competitively priced.

“Great company, excellent service, always very helpful”

                                                                                                                                                     John Colley

 Having been so pleased with the i-Mop, Talbot Woods Lodge elected to purchase the latest i-Team offering, the updated i-Mop ‘XL’, which Clemas were happy to supply.  The machine was promptly delivered by our team and refresher training was supplied as part of the standard Clemas experience.

i-mop XL New 1 Image HHH, 22.07.20 RESIZED CANVAS

Tom, our Sales Manager, had helped John with his i-Mop XL purchase and during the process conversations were had around indoor air cleaning, and together John and Tom explored the i-air PRO Air Healer.  Due to the purpose of Talbot Woods Lodge, that is providing excellent care, then clean safe indoor air was an obvious concern for John and Nicky, especially so with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.  After consideration of all the benefits then John was quickly convinced that the i-air PRO was the way forward for Talbot Woods Lodge.  With vulnerable adults, work colleagues and lodge visitors to keep safe then this decision was a relatively easy one to make.

I-AIR pro Talbot Woods, 04.10.2021

“The staff team appreciate the fact we have purchased the

i-air PRO for everyone’s benefit, not just the clients”

                                                                                                                                     John Colley

With the i-air PRO now being part of the Talbot Woods Lodge defence armour in controlling contamination, it means that the homes indoor air is cleaned 24/7.   The i-air PRO improves indoor air quality in medium to large spaces up to 500m2.  With Carbon, UVA & UVC and a self-cleaning HEPA filter, then Particle Matter, Volatile Organic Compounds and all living harmful Microbes can be killed and removed from the locality of the i-air PRO within the lodge.  Being a portable unit means the i-air PRO is easily moveable across the home and can be used in the busiest environments, perhaps during visiting, a social gathering or an event.


Ideal for offices

Ideal for offices

During the colder months, which are now upon us, the i-air PRO becomes even more valuable.  It isn’t always possible to leave windows and doors open for a fresh flow of air, but with the i-air PRO in operation then you can be confident that the air indoors is much safer, and without suffering the cold draughts of outside.

With the addition of the i-Mop XL and more recently the i-air PRO Air Healer, Talbots Woods Lodge now feel assured that they are doing all they can to keep flooring clean and provide safe indoor air.  Peace of mind is invaluable when it comes to protecting their residents, lodge visitors and the Talbot Woods care team that work so hard to provide a fantastic care service for the local community.

We would like to thank both John and Nicky for their custom.  It has been a pleasure to work with Talbot Woods Lodge and we would like to wish all involved continued success.




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