A Day In The Life Of Jo Browne, Parts Supervisor

Clemas & Co supply Fiorentini spare parts and accessories for floor cleaning machines to the UK and Ireland and as you well know, good service is crucial so the correct parts get to you as quickly as possible with minimum hassle and the least possible disruption to the cleaning schedule.  Jo Browne is the parts and accessories supervisor here at Clemas, she manages the sourcing, stock control, supply and distribution of Fiorentini parts and accessories, some for machines that are no longer in production. Since joining four years ago she has gained an impressive amount of knowledge and experience, Jo brightens up the office with her cheery disposition and frequent banter with suppliers and customers throughout the day. I know that the good service reputation we have hasn’t come easily, so how does she manages to juggle everything and still remain so cheery? I decided to take a look at what a typical day in the life of Jo Browne looks like….

An Early Start With Danny

Jo is up every morning at 5.30am and after feeding her 2 rabbits, 2 dogs and 2 cats she takes her dogs for a walk and then off to the stables to tend to her pony, Danny before her working day at Clemas even starts. After half an hour of manual labour to make sure Danny is groomed and fed she arrives at the office warmed up and ready for the busy day ahead, sometimes with one or two small pieces of straw in her hair from the stables!


Spares For A Cleaning Machine No Longer In Production, Not A Problem!

With a strong cup of coffee in hand the first hour gets underway in the usual hectic fashion and an urgent customer request is the priority. A food manufacturer based in Manchester rings Jo and wants a spare part for an ageing scrubber dryer that is no longer in production, this is a tricky one where Jo’s experience puts her at an advantage, her good relationship and knowledge of the parts suppliers she deals with comes in handy, she is soon on the phone to the one she knows would be most likely to stock this particular part. The usual banter and laughter is heard in the office and after a few minutes the part is sourced and will be on its way to the first happy customer of the day, I’m sure her sense of humour gets her to the front of the queue with the suppliers she deals with.


Fiorentini Brushes At Competitive Prices Are Available From Clemas & Co

Fiorentini Brushes At Competitive Prices Are Available From Clemas & Co

Brushes To Wales Quicker Than Expected  

Next some e mails to attend to, one of these is a large shop who want replacement brushes and squeegee blades, it’s good that we stock a wide range of floor cleaning machine accessories in our warehouse so these can get to customers quickly. A car showroom who needs a replacement brush for their scrubber dryer is in Wales, Jo first checks to see if an engineer is in the area today doing a routine service and luckily there is so she arranges for the brush to be dropped off en route.  Although not possible every time a brush is ordered, it’s an example of great service which is made possible because most of the Clemas team are under one roof so working with the engineers is much easier.

450mm scrubbing width

Parts & Consumables Available At Competitive Prices For The Fiorentini C30 45

Next Up, A Squeegee Blade Is Needed In Ireland

Replacing worn squeegee blades depends on the frequency and the type of cleaning task, after a discussion and some advice on this, it’s ordered and will be shipped using our trusted courier service. An hour of stock control work in the warehouse is next and a mid-morning coffee is needed to keep up the momentum and we find out Jo has brought in a homemade cake, is there no end to her talents?  If you’re ever near our office in Tewkesbury and you prefer to collect your spare parts you may be lucky enough to try some of her cake yourself, that’s what I call going the extra mile for our customers!

The rest of the morning is fuelled with several more cups of coffee while Jo deals with phone orders and e mail enquires sent via our website, http://www.clemas.co.uk  She receives a delivery of Fiorentini batteries and checks that the order is correct. She also finds time to help our new sales team member to understand the different scrubber dryer pads that are available for the Fiorentini machines, she explains which one suits which particular cleaning task since there are particular ones for different tasks.

Lunchtime is upon us and I have lost count how many coffee’s Jo has had already, maybe this is the secret to how she manages to juggle everything to keep our customers happy and their cleaning machines running well. After a quick bite to eat it’s back to work.


Spare parts are available for the Fiorentini C50 at competitive prices

Demanding Engineers Work With Jo To Cut Cleaning Downtime

The afternoon begins with an engineer needing a solenoid valve and some connectors for a cleaning machine refurbishment. Jo worked with him to get the correct part number and quickly found most of the parts in the warehouse. One particular part that wasn’t in stock usually takes a week to arrive, with Jo’s experience and a little tenacity she finds another supplier who can get the part to us in 2 days, saving the customer several days cleaning downtime. Another job well done.

By mid afternoon Jo proudly shows everyone a video on her phone that has been sent to her of her dog Lucy who has just been on a long walk, after this joyful distraction it’s straight back to work with more happy conversation and chuckling with a customer who has bought Fiorentini parts from Clemas for several years, maybe it’s not just the good service but also the friendly personal touch that keeps customers coming back to us.

At The End Of The Day A Job Well Done

As the end of the day approaches and having followed her day closely I am convinced that Jo really gets a buzz out of her role at Clemas. She genuinely enjoys her interactions with the various people she deals with and the challenges each day brings. Jo rushes off for a well deserved rest and spends the rest of her day enjoying time with her pets and relaxing at home before another busy day begins.

Prices are competitive with special offers and bulk discounts available throughout the year, ask Jo for more details when you call 01684 850777 or e mail us  for further information

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