Battery Powered Industrial Vacuums – Cordless Safety and Convenience

Battery Powered Industrial Vacuums

In recent times battery powered vacuums have been confined to domestic settings and later commercial environments with typical examples being the Henry Tub Vacuum, Karcher T9/1, Makita Backpack, and various ‘Stick’ style vacuums.  The lithium-ion battery technology and gradually lowering cost has allowed these machines to gain much popularity over the last 5 years or so.  The convenience of cordless vacuuming is clear; improved safety for operators and for the people around them, greater flexibility in reaching areas to be cleaned and of course the removal of a requirement for a power socket to be nearby.

Battery power has now reached the Industrial Vacuum Cleaning sector.  Always looking out for innovative and practical equipment, Clemas & Co are pleased to be suppliers of the Fiorentini Jaguar and the newly launched Nilfisk VHB Lithium-ion Battery series.  Both of these machines offer a fantastic solution for industrial vacuuming, wet or dry, in areas where safety is paramount, such as high traffic areas, and for applications where there isn’t mains power nearby.

Battery power doesn’t mean sacrificing performance; suction and run times are impressive particularly so with the Nilfisk VHB which lasts up to two hours with the optional third lithium-ion battery and charging to 90% in only two hours with the on-board charger.  The Fiorentini Jaguar utilises conventional batteries and an off-board charger, yet still runs for up to 1 hour.  The Fiorentini machine offers great value for cordless industrial vacuuming.

The Fiorentini Jaguar and the Nilfisk VHB are robust in construction, ensure ease of operation by 360-degree movement and portability, plus simple and safe emptying.  The Nilfisk VHB is available with manufacturer options including HEPA filtration up to H14, extended run times by the addition of a third lithium battery, LongoPac system (allows for zero-contact disposal of collected wet or dry waste) and an accessories holder for a selection of tools.

The industrial applications for vacuuming, corded or cordless, are endless with so many opportunities for improvements in cleaning standards, health and safety and the removal to clean manually, thus saving time and money.

One industry application that is a real focus for cordless industrial vacuuming is Warehousing and Logistics.  Often these environments constantly battle high dust levels and can suffer leaks from roofs or product.  This can be caused from incoming goods or stock, outside dust and debris entering through doorways, forklift dust generated by movement of goods and often atmospheric dust created in part by sweeping and dusting manually.  Keeping clean is vital in these types of businesses in order to prevent operation disruption, to ensure products can be loaded / unloaded efficiently, and to prevent slip, trip, fall and forklift hazards.

At Clemas & Co we have always championed industrial vacuum sweeping machines, with popular models such as the IPC 512e walk-behind or Tennant S16 ride-on having proven time and time again how effective they are in controlling dust and debris across open floors and racking aisles.  It is obvious that when you sweep with a broom it is time consuming, tiring work and largely ineffective.  Most of the disturbed dust re-enters the air only to re-settle on the floor, racking and product – far from ideal.  A sweeper fixes this with one pass.

How can we remove dusts from areas a vacuum sweeper machine cannot reach?

These areas are harder to access, for example, racking, on and behind barriers, on products, floor corners and small alcoves, steel beams high and low.  The answer is an industrial vacuum cleaner, but it is rare to have power sockets within reach across a warehouse and to use long extension leads would be hazardous, particularly in these high traffic areas.  This is when cordless industrial battery vacuums become highly desirable, being a perfect solution for this situation.  With the convenience and flexibility offered from these cordless vacuums then it is possible to clean all areas safely and effectively.  With quick charging times from the Nilfisk VHB you will have almost constant access to a high performing vacuum over a 24-hour period, often needed within these non-stop environments.

Industrial battery powered vacuums are here and Clemas will be happy to help your business find the best solution for your specific cleaning application so please do get in touch for free advice and information.


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