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Touchpoint Cleaning RESIZED 20.11.2020 CANVAS

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Protecting ourselves and others whilst freeing up time and money……

With cleaning and sanitising never having been so important it is abundantly clear that businesses, governmental departments, our hospitals and healthcare, and in fact all of us are consuming time in huge amounts by cleaning in a way most of us have not before.  Please consider touchpoints as an example; door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, handrails, furniture, computer peripherals, work stations, sanitaryware and any other surfaces which see frequent human contact (the list is endless) – these are needing to be cleaned and then sanitised for us to be sure of eliminating the risk of spreading the virus through touch.  Not only must we clean touchpoints under this guidance but we must clean frequently, and in some environments this could be many times a day.

This is an abstract from the World Health Organisation Cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context of COVID-19 from May 2020.

“One study found that the COVID-19 virus remained viable up to 1 day on cloth and wood, up to 2 days on glass, 4 days on stainless steel and plastic, and up to 7 days on the outer layer of a medical mask.  Another study found that the COVID-19 virus survived 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard and up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel.  The COVID-19 virus also survives in a wide range of pH values and ambient temperatures but is susceptible to heat and standard disinfection methods”.

Use machines to clean touchpoints? No.

As a machine supplier we would of course always champion proven equipment that is effective and improves productivity, alas, there is little help that cleaning machines can offer when cleaning touchpoints, and no proven effective alternative to manual cleaning and wiping down, following strict protocols as you go.  One claimed solution is to use misters, foggers or sprayers; and although there are applications where these types of equipment can benefit the Covid-19 fight they are not recommended alone for touchpoint cleaning and sanitising.  This equipment will not allow complete disinfectant coverage as this can only be guaranteed if it is then wiped over.  In addition, there are lots of measures that have to be in place before fogging, misting or spraying, such as; taking steps to avoid contact with any items that are electrical or moisture sensitive due to the risk of ingress, ensuring operator PPE is in place to avoid inhalation and skin contact, and consideration must be given to room re-entry times.

Spraying disinfectants may not be effective in removing organic material and some surfaces will be shielded by objects.  Folded or surfaces with texture and intricate designs may not receive full disinfectant coverage either.  It is recommended by bodies such as the World Health Organisation to disinfect by applying with cloths or wipes that have been soaked in disinfectant.  Using sprayers outside is also not recommended as the dirt and soil levels overwhelm the disinfectant and render them ineffective.  Lastly, regardless of using foggers and alike, all surfaces must be cleaned before sanitising which requires manual labour – you cannot effectively sanitise a dirty surface.

These safeguarding practices take a huge amount of time and as we all know ‘time is money’, so we need to think how we can save time in other areas of our cleaning regime; this is where cleaning machines have always come into their own.  It is nothing new, by that we mean improving productivity and cleaning performance has always been the big advantage when investing in a machine.

So how do we save time? 

We use our cleaning machines for all other essential cleaning duties, for example, sweeping and vacuumingwet scrubbing and drying floors, pressure washing outside areas and vehicles, steam cleaning kitchens and bathrooms to name a few.

Are you mopping, still?  Are you trying to get by with an old inefficient machine that constantly breaks down and even when it is working it is not performing?  Are you sweeping with brooms and wondering why your back hurts?  Using mops, buckets and brooms is hard work, takes forever and dirt / dust still seems to remain.  How long does it take for the floor to dry once mopped, is this safe?

You may use some machines already but are you covering all the bases?  Perhaps you can regain time by looking at other applications in and around your building, you may vacuum by machine but do you use a scrubber dryer to clean the floor.  You may benefit from a scrubber dryer to clean your floor but how did you sweep beforehand?  Are you using a cold pressure washer when you could achieve better results from a hot water machine?  Do you use chemicals when sanitising could be achieved with steam cleaning?  Are your operators trained in the correct usage and maintenance of your equipment?  When was your machine last serviced?  These are just some areas to think about and may help in realising opportunities to improve efficiency and save money.

All these situations can be massively improved by investing in cleaning machines – you can then save the time you need to apply to other cleaning duties such as touchpoints, particularly in this Covid-19 era.  It doesn’t have to be expensive and you don’t even have to commit to purchase – for many applications we can provide used machines, we can hire equipment, or you could consider leasing your new machine.  On weighing up the cost of your machine and calculating the savings on labour it becomes clear that the initial outlay for cleaning machines is recouped over a relatively short period and subsequently further savings can be made.  Be in no doubt a machine will clean much more effectively, improve safety, control bacteria and dirt whilst at the same time improve efficiency and save money.

Here at Clemas & Co we offer expertise in all areas of cleaning machines and will be very pleased to offer help with your equipment needs, furthermore reducing cleaning times, saving money and allowing your focus to be directed to controlling the virus and keeping us all safe.

Please take some time and view our website by direction at the top this page.

Let’s all keep safe.

We Are Open, 11.11.2020 RESIZED IMAGE

We Are Open, 11.11.2020 RESIZED IMAGE

We Are Fully Open

Please get in touch for help with your cleaning and sanitising needs. We will offer solutions through sales, hire, service, parts, consumables and free advice.

During this ongoing coronavirus pandemic and now a second national lockdown, we would like you to know that Clemas & Co Ltd continue to support your business and to serve you in the best way we know – that is to offer cleaning and sanitising equipment solutions, to ensure your cleaning machine is at optimum performance, to respond quickly to unexpected breakdowns minimising downtime and to supply you essential parts and consumables.

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M20 Training Image, RESIZED CANVAS, 30.10.2020

At Clemas & Co Ltd when we deliver your new cleaning equipment, we will also offer FREE operator training which includes the following:

  • We will train the user/s to operate the equipment.
  • We will train on how to maintain the machine.

Training the operator is essential to ensure your cleaning machine is not only used correctly but also safely. This will ensure the following:

  • Reduces the need for unnecessary repair call outs, saving time and money.
  • Prolongs the equipment’s working life.
  • Cleaning tasks will be completed efficiently by the operator avoiding misuse and neglect.
  • Operator error is kept to a minimum.
  • Increases Health & Safety awareness preventing accidents.

Clemas & Co Ltd can also provide training to new staff on any existing equipment you may have in your organisation, call us on 01684 850777 or email we can match the correct training for your individual company needs.

M20 Training Image, RESIZED CANVAS, 30.10.2020

USED T7 80 RESIZED CANVAS, 15.10.2020

Purchasing a new cleaning machine is an attractive proposition but sometimes it is just not economically viable, so a better solution maybe to buy pre-owned.

Here at Clemas & Co Ltd we only offer approved used machines – we make sure that all our selected used machines are fully serviced and pass the Clemas quality check.  With new consumables fitted you can be confident in a machine that is ready to go!  As part of our after-sales service, not only will we deliver your machine free of charge, we will also provide operator training ensuring you get the very best from your cleaning equipment.

The benefits of lease rental for your machine is not just a ‘new machine’ option but is also available on used equipment.  This way you can spread your costs and include a fixed price service package giving assurance that your machine is kept in tip-top condition.

Now more than ever, used machines are a popular choice and therefore stock is continually changing so for the very latest availability please check our website or contact us.

CLICK HERE to view our current used machine stock.

We care: At Clemas & Co. we take a consultative and solution based approach to cleaning which means that a great deal of thought and effort is taken to match exactly the right machine to fit both your business needs and budget.

For further advice call: 01684 850777




Clemas & Co Ltd have a team of experienced engineers that can offer a range of repair and refurbishment solutions that will breathe new life into your industrial cleaning equipment.

We can refurbish scrubber dryers, sweepers, pressure washers and other industrial cleaning machines from many different manufacturers

You will get:

  • A bespoke repair or refurbishment solution that meets your needs and budget.
  • A hassle-free service– your industrial cleaning machine is collected and returned to you or where possible repaired at your site.
  • Peace of mind that our highly skilled engineering team will complete work to the highest standard every time – intensive testing and quality checks are carried once work is complete.
  • The choice to hire a cleaning machine while yours is being refurbished, reducing downtime and impact to your cleaning regime.
  • A range of servicing packages to choose from extending the life of your machine and reducing future repairs and callouts.

CLICK HERE to view our ageing equipment checklist.


Tersano SAO Image 6, 19.03.2020 RESIZED CANVAS

Introduction to the Tersano Lotus Pro SAO Dispenser

What is SAO?

SAO stands for Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, it delivers a safer, simpler and more sustainable way to clean and sanitise on everyday hard surfaces. It is being used around the world in healthcare, food services, education and much more! SAO delivers high performance and offers great savings over traditional chemical costs.

Converting from traditional chemicals and cleaners to SAO will help save 10 million litres per month of toxic chemicals being dumped into groundwater. The reduction in packaging, transportation fuels and the manufacturing of chemicals is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tersano SAO Image 6, 19.03.2020 RESIZED CANVAS

How Does It Work?

  • Cold tap water enters the cartridge. Once treated, the water remains active for up to 6 days.
  • As the treated water moves through the “smart” dispenser, sensors monitor the systems to ensure that the water has been infused with the right amount of 0³.
  • The dispenser is ready to fill mop buckets, spray bottles, auto scrubbers, and more with SAO for cleaning, sanitising and deodorising.

If you want to find out more we are happy to answer any questions you have.

CLICK HERE to view more details and a video.



Clemas & Co Ltd offer servicing and repair of industrial cleaning machines and this remains the core of our business. Our customers realise that preventative maintenance has become more important now than ever as budgets continue to be tightened.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that our reliance on cleaning equipment has never been so high. This puts the spotlight on the importance of servicing and maintenance of our machines, as this is vital in ensuring cleaning downtime is reduced to a minimum, cleaning performance is optimum, and we can be sure everything is being done to help control this virus.

Our highly skilled team of engineers work around the country from well equipped Clemas vans, visiting customers to provide scheduled servicing and assistance with breakdowns and to deliver hire equipment. The working day of an engineer is varied and often has many challenges.

Louise our service manager co-ordinates the engineers so that their time is optimised and to ensure our customers are given the most efficient service as possible. They visit fully prepared for the task in hand, knowledgeable in the machine/s they are visiting and armed with a service box tailored for that specific model. Wear parts and consumables  such as replacement brushes are available in case they need changing. Our engineers are happy to offer advise to your cleaning team about machine upkeep with regular cleaning and care to lengthen the life of the machine and minimise unexpected breakdowns.

Regularly maintained cleaning machines will be less likely to breakdown and therefore more cost effective


Clemas & Co Ltd service large complex cleaning machines as well as simple compact equipment and our expertly trained team of friendly engineers are always ready to help.


Contact us to find out how we can help you with your cleaning equipment, our advice is free and we have years of experience so we can always tailor a solution for your unique company needs.


Call us: 01684 850777

M3 Grout Brush, 11.02.2020

MotorScrubber quickly & effortlessly scrubs clean your stairs, washrooms, showers, skirting boards, windows, swimming pools, buses, motor vehicles and lots of other hard to reach areas. This machine is a real workhorse and runs for 4 hours on a single charge and it only takes 8 hours to be fully re-charged. There is no trailing cable to worry about and it is 100% waterproof and submersible in water with no shock risk due to its extra low safe voltage.

M3 Grout Brush, 11.02.2020


Fitted with a reliable high torque motor allows for a fantastic washing, polishing and cleaning results.


Be ready to tackle any floor type effortlessly with range of quick change brushes and pads.


Impressive 4 hours runtime from one charge. Takes only 8 hours to fully re-charge.


The MotorScrubber only weighs 2kg (4.5kg with the harness) which is extremely lightweight to use yet heavy duty in its construction.


Super portable, you can use it anywhere; stairs, swimming pools and toilet cubicles. Ideal for all hard to reach areas.


The MotorScrubber is 100% waterproof and submersible in water.

If you would like to see more information about this machine CLICK HERE to see our website page or email us

Image of the Tennant S20 left side

Autumn is fast approaching and as we all know there are several outdoor spaces that will need to be kept clean and tidy during the next few months ahead. Car parking areas, outdoor retail and leisure spaces, business outdoor parking and storage areas, schools and university outdoor spaces all need to be kept free from leaves that could decay and with rain get slippery and create a health and safety hazard. Debris has the potential of trips and falls so public walkways need to be kept clear at all times. Sweepers can be used for removing anything from broken glass, leaves, grass, metal shavings, paper, cigarette butts and small stones from either outdoor or indoor surfaces. Sweeping machines offer a cost effective way to clean which would normally take forever to clean manually using a broom.

Coping With Seasonal Variations

The seasonal variations that cleaning brings can be a challenge when planning resource, people, cost and logistics all need to be considered carefully and in good time to be fully prepared for this seasonal task. Ad hoc leaf and debris clearing needs temporary additional resource which may include extra staff and a cleaning machine for this particular purpose, the issue with this is that it is only for a few months of the year. A solution to this, instead of hiring several temporary people to do this manually, which takes time and can be a considerable cost. Another consideration is that this would most often be done during the hours that people are walking on the paths which then makes for an unpleasant experience for your customers or in other sectors anyone who would use these public areas. The solution is to hire a sweeping machine that very quickly and efficiently sweeps and collects debris and leaves in one pass, leaving pathways and public spaces clean and tidy during the Autumn period. An industrial sweeper can do the job of a team of workers in less time and the sweeper will most likely end up doing a far better job of removing dirt and dust.

Why Hire From Clemas?

Wide Range. Clemas offers different hire options for a wide range of sweepers from one week to several months.

Flexible Choice. If you are not sure how long you need the machine for it’s no problem, you will have the flexibility to extend your hire period to the time period that suits you.

Delivery. We deliver and collect your machine so it’s hassle free, we even give your staff training on how to use the sweeper as some of these machines can be large ride on machines, depending on the cleaning job at hand.

Always Working. Clemas has a team of experienced engineers who ensure your hired sweeper is running at its best at all times,  you won’t have to worry about this during your time using the sweeper, all you need to do is ensure that every time you use the sweeper that the container collecting the debris and leaves is emptied out and the machine is kept clean, it’s that simple.

Expert Advice. If you are not sure which sweeper is best for your particular task we have experts on hand to advise you what is suitable so you get the results you want first time without wasting money on the wrong choice.

Competitive Price. Weekly hire prices from Clemas are very competitive, also bear in mind that the longer you hire the sweeper for the less the weekly cost will be, ask us about this when you call and we will be happy to give you our price options.

So What Do You Need?

Sweepers can be pushed and are often referred to as a “walk behind” or “pedestrian” sweeping machine. Sweepers can also be driven and are referred to as “ride on”, these tend to be for larger spaces and work quicker than the walk behind sweepers. Clemas & Co Ltd are here to assist you so you make the right choice for your premises.

An example of a manual pedestrian sweeper is the Tennant S3, this machine is ideal for walkways and smaller areas and is very simple to use, for more details on this equipment please follow this link:

If you require a large sweeping machine you might want to consider the Tennant S20, this machine can cope with much larger spaces and is a ride on model, for more details please follow this link:

Make sure you are prepared for the Autumn clear up, call us on 01684 850777 to hire your sweeper today, or email

i-know suitcase and products

Nowadays it’s not possible to read about the cleaning industry without coming across the emergence of new technologies which seem to be developing  at a really fast pace. We have seen the introduction of robotic cleaning machines with more models being added to the choice on offer every day. The increased amount of products offering the remote collection and analysing of cleaning activity data is also developing fast and improving every day. These new products aim  to improve efficiencies and the cost of cleaning, but the basic fundamentals of cleaning remain the same, one of the most important aspects will always be the health and safety of staff and the public on a business premises and how high standards can be maintained at all times with the minimum of cost.

A Consultative Approach

At Clemas & Co we take a consultative approach to cleaning which means a great deal of thought and effort on our part to match exactly the right machine, payment options, accessories and preventative maintenance solution to fit your business needs. It goes without saying that health and safety obligations are considered a high priority and factored into our cleaning machine recommendations based on a discussion with you. Information about your cleaning operation is gathered in a number of ways by us at Clemas but the most effective way is by visiting your site and conducting a thorough site survey. Machine demonstrations are also done to make sure the machine works well for you, you and your staff can use the machine yourself to you are sure it’s the right machine.

Scientifically Demonstrate Improvement In Health And Safety

In today’s world of improved reporting and access to a huge amount of data around every aspect of business, scientific proof of how well a machine cleans your floor is very helpful.  During a site survey and cleaning machine demonstrations. Clemas & Co will scientifically prove the effectiveness of a particular floor cleaning machine by visiting your site, spending no more than about ten minutes to conduct a hygiene and slip test. The results will be available immediately for you to see for yourself your current standards of hygiene and slip potential and the improved results after the use of a recommended cleaning machine.  You will also get a report emailed to you with the test results as evidence of improvements made through the use of the recommended floor cleaning machine.  At last you can demonstrate an improvement in health and safety at your site through facts and figures.

Why Clemas?

We use advanced techniques to help you select the correct cleaning machine and go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met first time. Clemas & Co is an established family run British business operating since 1988. We offer a wide range of floor cleaning machines based on a thorough understanding of your business We supply used and new Equipment. Servicing, repairs and refurbishments are carried out by a team of experienced engineers. You can also hire a cleaning machine on a short or long term basis. Free expert advice on all aspects of cleaning is available.

Call us today on 01684 850777 or email to talk about your cleaning and how we can help you to improve health and safety at your site.



Horizontal image of modern new warehouse/factory. The warehouse is filled with boxes on pallets. Logistics, freight, shipping, receiving. No people, space for copy.

A Consultative Approach Means The Perfect Floor Cleaning Machine

The right floor scrubber dryer can be like an extra member of staff for a busy cleaning team, if carefully chosen. A bad choice can end up expensive, time consuming and inefficient. A nightmare scenario for any business is an unused floor cleaning machine that sits in the corner or a broken one where it’s been used for the wrong purpose. There are so many choices of floor cleaning machines available in the market today that it can be quite overwhelming to choose the best for your business, that’s where Clemas & Co can select and recommend floor cleaning machines that are right for you and your particular cleaning tasks.

Clemas & Co have been in the industrial cleaning business since 1988 and know that a consultative approach to finding the perfect floor cleaning machine that exactly meets your needs will be best for you and your cleaning team. A consultative approach means that early on we get a full understanding of every aspect of your particular cleaning activities and how this relates to your business activities. You will be asked lots of questions by your dedicated sales person who will also visit your site and conduct a comprehensive site survey before any cleaning machines are recommended. This may seem an arduous process at first but investing some time and effort at the start will certainly save you hassle, stress and money in the long run and prevent a wrong choice, sub-standard cleaning results and wasted money.

The right floor cleaning machine for your business involves being able to come up with answers to these questions:

Are You Or Your Staff Using A Cleaning Machine Already?

If you have been using a particular floor scrubber dryer that has done the job well for you we will not recommend something different for the sake of it. It may be the case that there are additional features on another scrubber dryer, or a newer model of the one you currently have that has improved features that may benefit you and improve your cleaning activity further, in this instance we may recommend a different machine. The Tennant Autofill battery technology that has recently been introduced is an example of recent improvements to scrubber dryers, we can advise you on the latest developments in the market and how these can or can’t help improve your cleaning.

What Is Your Budget?

Every business is striving to keep costs to a minimum and get the best value for money. We will work with you to achieve this as we select from a wide range of cleaning machines to suit all budgets. Fully refurbished used machines or ex demo models may be a cost-effective choice for some, Clemas has a large fleet to choose from. The long-term leasing option of up to five years is also an option, this can help to ease cashflow. Clemas will find a bespoke solution to suit your particular budget targets.

How Frequently Will Your Floor Cleaning Machine Be Used?

Frequency of use will define value for money and this is considered during the machine selection process. Better quality machines may be more suitable for frequent cleaning of highly soiled areas, or if hygiene is very important, however, if you only clean once a month then it may not be a large complex floor scrubbing machine you need but a simpler solution, a mop and bucket may be all that you need. We won’t sell you what you don’t need, this approach is why Clemas & Co has grown from strength to strength since 1988 with many loyal customers who trust our expert advice and recommendations.

 What Are You Going To Be Cleaning?

Oil/grease? Dust? Hazardous material? Litter? Wet and Or Dry? Each type of dirt/debris will need a different machine, pad or brush, machine strength/power and answers to this essential question are needed when deciding which machine is most suitable for the particular cleaning job at hand.

What Type Of Floor Are You Cleaning?

A disc machine with a pad holder is the most versatile because you can change the floor pad to suit the floor and type of dirt/soiling that needs removing from the floor. This works well on a relatively smooth floor, a floor that marks easily or a range of different floor material types.

Cylindrical machines have roller brushes with a high R.P.M. (turning speed of the brushes) and high contact pressure with the floors. These scrubber dryers are ideal for cleaning ingrained dirt out of uneven, undulating floors, cracked floors and other rough finishes.

Your dedicated Clemas & Co sales consultant will select and recommend the right machine type and accessories to match your particular cleaning task and floor surface type.

Is Cleaning Taking Place On One Level Or Over Several Floors?

Weight and ease of use of your floor scrubbing machine will be important if there are several levels in the building and no or few lifts. Most scrubber dryers are battery powered and for many good reasons. Moving it around and cleaning a number of floors with no trip hazards that a cable machine brings makes a battery-operated machine essential. Consider the run time for a battery scrubber dryer so it does the job in one charge, most types will need charging, uninterrupted for up to 12 hours.

How Long Do You Spend Cleaning?

Some scrubber dryers will mean less time is needed to clean because of their efficiency and speed, this may mean that less cleaning staff are needed. We will explain about the time your floor cleaning machine takes to set up and clean down as well as usage time and see what is the best option for your business.

Floor Size?

The size and accessibility of area to clean will also determine what size and type of floor cleaning machine will be suitable, and whether it’s worth investing in a ride on machine rather than a pedestrian/push along floor scrubber. If you need to use the machine for several hours at a time which is often over a large floor area then battery length of run time is key. On larger ride on floor cleaning machines, diesel, petrol or LPG can also be considered, these have environmental implications which need thinking about.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact floor area measurement in meters or feet, we often ask what the size of your floor is in relation to a football pitch.

 Cleaning When There Are People Around?

A mains powered machine will fast become a health and safety issue if there are people constantly around to trip over your cable, the mains powered option is only available for the smaller machines. If cleaning has to be done when there are people around, e.g. in a supermarket or an airport then it will usually be a battery powered cleaning machine. The noise level of the machine will also have to be considered.

The Questions Are Done, So What Happens Next?

Your dedicated Clemas account manager will use all your information to select the most suitable floor cleaning machine for your particular cleaning needs. There may be just one or there could be several choices of cleaning machine, it all depends on your particular situation.

After the site survey and the machine selection is done, we will come to your site with the recommended floor cleaning machine (or more than one) and you will get a full, free of charge demonstration. You benefit from seeing for yourself the various features and cleaning results the machine(s) will give you in their intended environment. You and your cleaning staff can try out the machine to see if it will be suitable.

Whatever machine you end up purchasing, Clemas & Co’s consultative approach means that you will get a bespoke solution that exactly meets your cleaning needs for the best possible cleaning results. You won’t have a cleaning machine that is unused and gathering dust in the corner that is a waste of money.

It Doesn’t End Once You Have Purchased Your Scrubber Dryer

There are several aspects to think about to ensure your floor cleaning machine continues to clean to the same standards as when it was new. Regular servicing or preventative maintenance, user training and ongoing refresher training, spare parts, consumables and accessories and chemicals are available from Clemas & Co. Expert advice is available throughout the lifetime of your cleaning machine so you are fully supported in all aspects of your cleaning activities.

Make sure you choose an established company with well trained and experienced engineers and staff who are able to support you, even if you have a large complex cleaning machine. After making an important and often substantial investment in your cleaning operation, Clemas & Co will work with you so your machine lasts for many years to come and consistently produces the best possible cleaning results.

Call our sales team today on 01684 850777 or e mail and let’s work together to create a bespoke solution for you.


The i-mop XL & XXL. Wider Cleaning Path Than The Original Compact Design

Easy availability of clean drinking water is something we take for granted in the UK, in several places around the world this is sadly not the case. Worldwide 2.7 billion people suffer from a shortage of drinking water. Access to clean drinking water is still a problem in Africa and Asia, women and children walk an average of 3.7 miles a day just to collect water. One in 10 people lack access to clean water, 159 million people are still using surface water, for example, from puddles. There is now something that businesses can do to help improve this situation while benefiting at the same time from an improved cleaning result and reduced cleaning time, it’s called the Made Blue program.

What Is The Made Blue Program?

Made Blue matches the average amount of water saved when using the i-mop Xl or the i-mop XXL by generating equal amounts of clean drinking water in developing countries, 1 litre for 1 litre. The average amount of water saved by using the i-mop XL or XXL is 73000 litres over a year. The water that is saved mirrors the provision of clean water in developing countries. The Made Blue program has already provided an impressive 1,2 million litres of easily accessible clean water to those desperately in need.

Why The Made Blue Program? 

Manufacturers of the i range of products including the i-mop XL and i-mop XXL believe that they can eventually give everyone in the world access to clean drinking water. Working together with experienced partners in the areas where improvements are needed, the Made Blue Program invests in projects to provide and maintain access to much needed clean drinking water.

How Can You Get Involved?

Contact the sales team at Clemas and we can explain to you how the i-mop XL or the i-mop XXL can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your particular cleaning activity. Your business could soon also be contributing an average of 7300 litres of water to developing countries through the Made Blue program. Water is made available to people and communities who currently don’t have access to clean, safe, accessible drinking water.

Ecological Design Meets Innovation

The i-mop saves more water than most similar scrubber dryers so water is saved every time it’s used, less waste, more profit. The first of its kind, the i-mop solves the problems of traditional floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers. Most areas are still being cleaned by mop and bucket because other floor machines are just not flexible enough to work in small confined spaces, or they are too heavy to take upstairs if there is no lift in the building. What would take an hour to clean with a traditional mop and bucket, (which is also less hygienic), will take only ten minutes with the i-mop, freeing up valuable time to spend on other facilities management activities.

To find out more about the i-mop XL or i-mop XXL call us on 01684 850777 or e mail

The Demon Hurricane P4HR Cold Water Pressure Washer - 2900 PSI

Tim Coghlan is the Managing Director of Braunston Marina Limited, a well established canal narrowboat marina located at the crossroads of the Grand Union and Oxford canals in Northamptonshire.

Braunston Marina is a major centre for leisure craft and narrowboats, with modern mooring facilities for 250 boats and over two miles of wooden pontoons that need to be maintained. It also sells all types of new and used narrowboats, there are two dry docks, and a wet docks, a craneage pad and a service area capable of most repairs.

Tim and his team needed a high performance, industrial strength pressure washer to clean the decked piers in and around the boat moorings allowing safe access for the marina’s many visitors and residents. With mature trees surrounding the Marina’s two basins, there is quite a large build up of algae and moss on the pontoons during the winter months, which with traditional pressure washers, were slow and messy to clean, and required moored boats to be moved away from them whilst this was being done.

Tim spotted an advertisement for the Hurricane Combi industrial pressure washer range and contacted Clemas & Co, a family run business based in Tewkesbury.

Tom in sales at Clemas takes a consultative approach to matching the right cleaning machine to the particular cleaning task at hand. Tom explained, “We discussed how the pressure washer would be used and what it was going to clean. Once I had all the necessary information we considered two Hurricane Combi industrial pressure washer options, these were the P2 and the larger P4 model. These industrial cleaning machines were chosen based on the manoeuvrability, physical widths and weight of the two machines.  I discussed with Tim the pros and cons between the petrol and LPG for the Hurricane P2. Both models were quoted competitively and following this Tim promptly requested a free of charge demonstration for the following week”.

The rotary twin jet system of the Hurricane Combi range is designed to clean these types of applications and in addition is supplied frequently to customers wishing to clean large floor areas such as pavements, driveways, sports grounds and yards.  The spinning arms turn at 2000rpm with the jets just millimetres from the floor surface ensuring an efficient and superb cleaning performance.  The Hurricane P4 Combi has the added advantage of a standard lance and hose attachment for conventional pressure washer use too, just simply select which system you wish to use by the lever and the water flow will be directed to one or the other depending on your application.

Tom visited Braunston Marina and a demonstration of the larger Hurricane P4 was carried and was received very well by Tim and his colleagues.  The machine’s rotary twin jets soon removed the surface and engrained soiling but most importantly cleaned the algae and moss removing the potential trip hazard.  Roy the maintenance engineer tried the machine himself in 2 or 3 areas and was very pleased with results achieved and in such a short time.  It was decided that due to the widths of the narrow pontoons the smaller P2 model would be more than sufficient and this would be the machine of choice.  Tim said “A brilliant demonstration, and most helpful in determining our needs. The machine really does CLEAN!”

Tim was happy with our prompt service, expert advice and product information and loved the machine from the demonstration.  The order for a Hurricane P2 Combi pressure washer was received within 24 hours of demonstration so they could get on with the cleaning before the winter set in. The purchase also included a 12 month service contract, a wise choice since it’s an engine powered unit. The contract means the pressure washer is serviced twice a year by a specialist Clemas engineer at the Braunston Marina. These service contracts often prove to be more cost effective in the long run as they reduce the chances of unexpected break downs that lead to cleaning down time, or inferior cleaning results from using a machine that may not be working at its best.

The machine was delivered ten days later and training on the pressure washer was supplied by our pressure washer specialist engineer.  Tim was very pleased with his purchase and after a few weeks of use he emailed us to say “Just a quick note to say how brilliantly the Combi Pressure Washer is working.  It really has revolutionised our pontoon maintenance, doing the job in a third of the time. Our moorers are full of praise too.”

Tim went on to say “There are several companies offering the same products but the level of service and the approach to choosing exactly the right machine for the particular task is what makes Clemas stand out from the rest. They make sure the cleaning machine is the right one through asking a number of questions relating what we are trying to achieve. Their knowledge and experience has ensured I haven’t wasted money on the incorrect machine”.



An industrial floor cleaning machine such as a pedestrian or ride on scrubber dryer can be an important asset for an organisation and will most likely lead to a budget discussion and the different payment options available. One choice is to buy a second hand floor cleaning machine which has its pros and cons, but if you follow some simple guidelines it can be a smart move. The main benefit to buying a used cleaning machine is cost, you could make significant savings compared to buying new. You can potentially afford a better, upgraded machine that otherwise wouldn’t be within your budget if bought new.  There are a few things you need to bear in mind when buying a used machine to ensure you get a reliable, quality machine that doesn’t end up more expensive through unexpected breakdowns or parts and accessories that need replacing sooner than expected.

Buy Your Used Cleaning Machine From A Reputable Established Company

Make sure you do your research and are confident that the company you buy your machine from is established and has a good reputation for customer service. Reputable cleaning machine suppliers are usually authorised by large companies such as Tennant or Demon to sell their products. Don’t end up with a situation where the company does not want to take responsibility for any issues, or doesn’t have the expertise to be able to repair the machine. If any of these scenarios became a reality for you, this can often lead to lost cleaning time and a high possibility of substandard cleaning results while its being repaired.

Clemas & Co have been operating since 1988 and have grown from strength to strength during this time. We are proud of our good reputation for customer service and the team of experienced engineers who have refurbished, serviced and repaired floor cleaning machines for several years.


Used Tennant T3 50 (£2,495 Exc. VAT) 


Make Sure A New Battery Has Been Fitted

Always check if you are buying a used battery floor scrubber dryer that a new battery/batteries have been fitted, particularly if the machine has already had a substantial amount of use. Batteries usually need to be replaced after a certain amount of time and usage and can be expensive, so make sure you avoid this unnecessary additional cost.  At Clemas & Co you can be sure that all of our used battery floor cleaning machines will have been fitted with a new battery as standard. The battery comes with a 12 month warranty for even further peace of mind.

Check The Age Of The Used Floor Cleaning Machine

Before buying a used floor cleaning machine, check that you can still purchase the spare parts and consumables or how readily available are these to purchase. This will avoid the situation where the machine cannot be repaired, or takes a long time to source the parts and therefore has to be scrapped and a new one bought, or cleaning downtime, both situations end up more expensive in the long run. Some floor cleaning machines have an hour meter and so it’s worth asking if one is fitted on the machine you are interested in and if so, ask how many hours it has clocked up so far.

Make Sure Your Used Machine Comes With A Warranty

A reputable cleaning machine supplier should sell used cleaning machines with a warranty so you can be certain that the machine is of adequate quality, this will give you peace of mind in the event of an unexpected breakdown. Clemas & Co offer a minimum of 3 months warranty on all used floor cleaning machines as standard. This covers repair of a mechanical fault through normal usage by trained cleaning staff.


Tennant T7+ 80 Ride On Scrubber Dryer (£4,950 Exc. VAT)


This is another caption

The Tennant T7+ 80cm is a battery powered ride-on scrubber dryer with a 800mm scrubbing and a 110 litre solution tank capacity.



To What Extent Has The Used Floor Cleaning Machine Been Refurbished?

Be sure to ask if a used machine you are interested in has been refurbished and ask for information about what work has taken place. Depending on the condition of the machine, it may be part or fully refurbished and this will ensure the vital working parts of the machine are in the best possible condition.

Service History

Regular servicing of a floor cleaning machine, particularly large complex machines such as ride on scrubber dryers and sweepers and pedestrian scrubber dryers will be valuable in extending the life of the machine. Regular servicing will also improve the resale value. It is worth asking if there is any service history information available before you go ahead with the purchase.  At Clemas & Co the servicing of industrial cleaning machines is our core business. We have a number of different services packages to choose from which range from an annual package to a one-off service. Clemas have the expertise and experience to service large complex machines, something that not many cleaning machine suppliers are able to do.

A Used Floor Cleaning Machine In Most Instances Won’t Look New  

Used industrial floor cleaning machines will most likely have a few scratches and marks through usage over time, this is normal. If you are dealing with a good cleaning machine supplier they will be able to send you photos of the used machine so you can see for yourself exactly what state the exterior of the machine is in. This can save a great deal of wasted time if the machine turns out to be not what you were expecting if brought along for a demonstration.

Lease Or Buy Options Should Be Available

Although buying a used floor cleaning machine is a budget friendly choice, you can free up capital and a good supplier will give you the choice to lease the used machine for a period of three years. The lease option would include regular servicing of the machine where an engineer comes to your site, this can be a hassle free and time saving option that makes good sense.

Is The Used Machine Right For Your Particular Needs?

At Clemas & Co we will never sell a floor cleaning machine without making sure the machine is right for your cleaning task(s). Using our consultative approach to selling floor cleaning machines, you may be asked several questions by your experienced, dedicated sales person about your cleaning regime, your business and what you are cleaning so we can be sure the machine is right for you.

Be wary of companies that will sell you a floor cleaning machine without first asking you lots of questions to find out if the machine is right for your particular cleaning task and business environment. If this happens to you this will often be a sign that the company does not put the customer first and takes a product led approach to selling rather than a solutions led approach. A machine that is not matched properly to the cleaning job at hand will most likely end up damaged and work at a sub optimal level or break down. A poorly chosen machine could be a potential health and safety hazard i.e. a mains powered machine with a cable that runs across where people walk regularly while cleaning is taking place. The wrong floor cleaning machine will most certainly give you poor cleaning results ending up with inefficient use of resources and will probably end up being unused and take up space.

Ongoing Maintenance Of Your Used Machine

For consistently good cleaning results and reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and therefore cleaning downtime it is wise to have your floor cleaning machine regularly serviced. Clemas & Co started out servicing cleaning machines in 1988 and although there has been expansion into other areas such as sales and hire of floor cleaning machines, servicing remains the core of the business.

Clemas & Co have a wide range of used floor cleaning machines to choose from, we offer a free on- site machine demonstration and we can help you choose a machine that exactly suits your cleaning regime and business so you have a bespoke solution.

Take a look at our range of used cleaning machines here, please note that our stock is constantly changing so keep checking on a regular basis.

Call us on 01684 850777 or email for further information and expert advice.


Clemas Engineer2

Servicing, Refurbishment And Repairs Still The Core 

Clemas & Co Ltd was established in 1988 offering servicing, refurbishment and repair of industrial cleaning machines. Building on this success, the sale and hire of new and used cleaning machines has also been included, however, the servicing of cleaning machines has remained the core of the business to this day.

Businesses realise that preventative maintenance has become more important than ever as budgets continue to be tightened and the focus on costs is key. Cleaning machines that are regularly maintained will last longer and become more cost effective in the long run, also, the trade in or part exchange value will most of the time be higher, saving even more money.

Never A Dull Moment 

Andy is one of eight experienced engineers who has worked at Clemas for 6 years, there is never a dull moment when he’s around, Andy loves a joke which always puts a smile on the face of anyone around him. Andy’s tattoos are always of great interest in the workshop and the office, what’s the next one going to be? Where will it be?  Even customers he has worked with for years and built up a good relationship with are interested and keep up to date with developments.

The working day of a cleaning machine engineer is an interesting and varied one and often with many challenges along the way. It is an important role where customer service needs to be of the highest standard at all times, working in the marketing department means I need to have a good knowledge of the business so I have decided to spend the day with Andy to understand more about the role that represents the very core of Clemas & Co.

What’s Up Today? 

Andy is at the head office in Tewkesbury where he collects the servicing paperwork and instructions for the day from Louise the Office Manager. It’s like an airport control tower as Louise coordinates the activities of the engineers across most of England and Wales in a way that optimises their time so customers are given the best, most efficient service as possible. The first stop for Andy today is a floor screeding company in Bristol and he quickly loads up his van with an Orbis Duo 400 Polisher. The flooring company hired one the previous week on a trial basis and decided to purchase one from us, within a matter of days it’s on it’s way.

.Clemas Engineer


It’s an easy drive to Bristol and the traffic on the M5 thankfully is flowing well. Andy said that he travels much further on some days, as far as Yorkshire or Blackpool, it just depends on the work schedule. Clemas & Co Ltd service and repair large complex industrial cleaning machines as well as smaller ones throughout most of England and Wales so the engineers really get to know their way around the country.

Today’s outing is a perfect opportunity to get to know Andy better, I know he has a good reputation as an experienced reliable engineer but find out from him that he has recently got married in Cuba, (very exotic!)  and enjoys a well deserved holiday in Benidorm every year with his family. The time flies by as he entertains me with interesting stories fun times in Spain. We also talk about his work and from years of experience he explains that “cleaning machines are an important and often expensive asset to customers and if they get serviced regularly and are fitted with the right brushes, squeegees or other consumables for the cleaning job at hand it makes life so much easier for the customer and for us”. He went on to say that “the reason for this is that we are less likely to be called out at short notice for urgent repair as a result of a lack of regular maintenance or incorrect accessories causing damage to the machine, We often see this resulting in unplanned cleaning downtime which is stressful and frustrating for any business”. It’s quite obvious that he takes pride in his work and really wants what’s best for customers.

A Scrubber Polisher To A Flooring Company 

Andy gets the Orbis Duo 400 Polisher off his van and it’s soon with a happy customer. Andy provides a comprehensive delivery pack with the new machine. He also offers some advice to new cleaning staff about regular cleaning and care to lengthen the life of the machine and to minimise unexpected breakdowns in the future. Andy’s experience in  these situations often comes in very handy and he is always willing to offer useful operator tips and advice to help customers optimise their cleaning operations.

We were just about to leave for the next job when the customer realises he has run out of cleaning chemicals and also needs replacement pads for a scrubber dryer. Andy finds the right chemical and replacement scrubber dryer pads in his van. The advantage of using larger than average vans is that Clemas are able to carry with them a good amount of commonly used consumables stock.  Andy explains, once we are back on the road. that “The ability to have in my van consumables such as squeegees blades, brushes, pads and chemicals in case these are needed comes in very useful and our customers find this extremely helpful as we have just seen”.  Andy went on to say ”We won’t always have the right consumable on board but on most occasions when we do it saves so much time and hassle for the customer”.

We set off to Cardiff for the next job. Traffic in Bristol is particularly bad but each engineer’s day is planned carefully with plenty of time allowed for traffic delays so customers are less likely to be kept waiting.

Lunchtime in Cardiff 

It’s lunchtime before we know it and the ham and cheese sandwiches go down a treat. We discuss Andy’s latest tattoo and the inspiration behind this work of art. The tattoo is on his calf and is a lion wearing a crown. It has no sentimental meaning but was instead chosen for its artistic value, the detail is amazing.

Andy chats to me about his role as a cleaning machine engineer. Andy enjoys the job because it’s so varied, from the different people he meets to the repairs and servicing challenges, no two days are ever the same. He has been on a number of refresher training courses and these help to keep his skills alive and up to date with the latest machine features and technology. We have engineers who have been at Clemas for up to 25 years and they don’t tend to leave us that often. Clemas has a good team who are carefully recruited using stringent criteria. Amongst the main criteria is experience and attitude so that our customers are always given the best possible service.

I ask Andy what are the challenges of the job and he says “some places we operate in on the outskirts of London are a challenge for parking. Negotiating the very busy roads and figuring out alternative routes when the traffic is bad can also be challenging. Often a challenge but becomes easier with experience is being able to diagnose machine faults quickly. Andy prides himself on being able to do this relatively quickly, this is largely down to working with many different makes and models of cleaning machines over the years.

Service Of A Ride On Sweeper  

After lunch we have a service appointment on a large ride on sweeper at a warehouse in Cardiff. Andy carries out an extensive number of visual and manual machine checks of the sweeper, discusses, agrees and gets on with the extra work needed to keep the sweeper in tip top condition. Afterwards a full comprehensive service report is written up and given to the customer prior to leaving.

Andy also takes the opportunity to help new cleaning staff and demonstrates how to clean the ride on sweeper and also how to change the brushes when they have become worn.  Andy says “This is all part of the service and comes at no extra charge. We are keen to help our customers get the most out of their machines. A machine running well will really improve the end result and if serviced regularly will prevent unexpected breakdowns and raise the quality of cleaning”.

Back To The Tewkesbury Headquarters

The journey back to Tewkesbury gives me time to reflect on a very interesting day. I now understand how important it is to have engineers who are passionate about what they do and have enough experience to be able to quickly and efficiently help businesses get their cleaning machines working at their best and so preventing cleaning downtime.

Andy explains that “there are few companies like Clemas that have the expertise to service and repair the larger more complex industrial cleaning machines where experienced, well trained engineers make this possible, in addition, being Safe Contractor approved means health and safety is a very high priority for us”.


We finally arrive back at the office and the day’s activity as well as any customer comments and feedback are discussed with Louise, the Office Manager.  At Clemas we listen to our customers and any comments or suggestions are taken seriously so that we can continually improve our offering and therefore the customer experience.

Home Time

I have enjoyed my day out with Andy and I go home happy that I have got to know Andy better and our servicing and repair part of the business. Andy is going to spend the evening watching Game of Thrones and planning his next tattoo design. I can’t wait to hear what it will be.

BOOK YOUR SERVICE TODAY for a more cost effective approach to cleaning and avoid the inconvenience and unnecessary downtime from breakdowns or worn out brushes, squeegees pads and other consumables.

We offer a one off service and can be booked on an ad hoc basis, or sign up to a more cost effective a service package, to discuss what’s best for your particular cleaning machine speak to Louise on 01684 850777 or e mail


5 Important Reasons Why Your Cleaning Machine Should Be Regularly Serviced

  • Operational Safety (a machine in good working order will be safer to operate)
  • Efficiency (reduces cleaning downtime as chance of an unexpected breakdown is reduced)
  • Immediate Cost Savings (a serviced machine will produce better cleaning results with less resource)
  • Long Term Cost Savings (preventative maintenance will extend the life of your machine)
  • Time Savings (no need to arrange a service, we will call you and take care of it)

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