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With lots of jobs to do and quite often not enough hours in the day, we are all striving to maximise the use of our time. We all know that using a floor scrubber dryer is  a far quicker and more productive method than using a mop and bucket, not to mention a more effective way of actually removing the dirt from your environment. Using a chemical suitable for scrubber dryers can help take this to another level, allowing you to tackle a whole range of site related cleaning issues, including floor cleaning preparation and maintenance, the presentation of your company and also from a compliance perspective – a must these days for site safety.

Although all of our chemicals emulsify the dirt and break it down, each chemical will work in a slightly different way allowing different areas of your operations to be cleaned effectively. It doesn’t matter what your application is, we will have a chemical fit for purpose that delivers the finest results time after time.

Deep Cleaning
For an initial deep clean of a workshop floor where heavy oil and grease soiling is a problem, we would recommend Remedial Floor Cleaner. A heavy duty remedial pre-clean detergent designed to break down thick deposits of ingrained and impacted soiling from industrial floors.
If plant equipment is in use in the areas you are cleaning, HD Powerscrub is extremely effective in removing the more stubborn dirt and stains and can be used in conjunction with a Remedial Floor Cleaner.

Tyre Marks
If you have particularly stubborn rubber deposits such as fork truck tyre marks that you wish to remove, Hydra Tyre Mark Remover chemical has been designed to tackle these.

For your ongoing maintenance cleaning of a workshop floor, Multiscrub is a versatile medium duty floor cleaning chemical, and Ultrascrub is an excellent heavy duty floor cleaning product suitable for oil and grease deposits in industrial applications, and both chemicals are ideal for regular use.

If you require an odourless, mildly bacterial chemical for use in food manufacturing and processing plants, Bioscrub can cut through biological soiling.

Most of the chemicals are designed to go within your floor scrubber dryer’s clean water tank. If the dirt has been sitting on the floor for some time it can take longer to remove the layers. To gain a better result faster, you can go over a section of floor with the scrubber dryer and chemical but leave the vacuum off,  scrubbing your floors and allowing the chemical to sit for a few minutes breaking down the dirt. Once a few minutes have passed you can go back over the area with your scrubber dryer as normal, collecting all the water and chemical to see a much cleaner result. You can even do this if you just wanted to go that extra mile!!

If you wanted to talk to us, we are always happy to discuss any of your cleaning requirements so please contact our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information or complete our contact form.

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