Clemas Finds Better Ways To Choose Your Floor Cleaning Machine

Nowadays it’s not possible to read about the cleaning industry without coming across the emergence of new technologies which seem to be developing  at a really fast pace. We have seen the introduction of robotic cleaning machines with more models being added to the choice on offer every day. The increased amount of products offering the remote collection and analysing of cleaning activity data is also developing fast and improving every day. These new products aim  to improve efficiencies and the cost of cleaning, but the basic fundamentals of cleaning remain the same, one of the most important aspects will always be the health and safety of staff and the public on a business premises and how high standards can be maintained at all times with the minimum of cost.

A Consultative Approach

At Clemas & Co we take a consultative approach to cleaning which means a great deal of thought and effort on our part to match exactly the right machine, payment options, accessories and preventative maintenance solution to fit your business needs. It goes without saying that health and safety obligations are considered a high priority and factored into our cleaning machine recommendations based on a discussion with you. Information about your cleaning operation is gathered in a number of ways by us at Clemas but the most effective way is by visiting your site and conducting a thorough site survey. Machine demonstrations are also done to make sure the machine works well for you, you and your staff can use the machine yourself to you are sure it’s the right machine.

Scientifically Demonstrate Improvement In Health And Safety

In today’s world of improved reporting and access to a huge amount of data around every aspect of business, scientific proof of how well a machine cleans your floor is very helpful.  During a site survey and cleaning machine demonstrations. Clemas & Co will scientifically prove the effectiveness of a particular floor cleaning machine by visiting your site, spending no more than about ten minutes to conduct a hygiene and slip test. The results will be available immediately for you to see for yourself your current standards of hygiene and slip potential and the improved results after the use of a recommended cleaning machine.  You will also get a report emailed to you with the test results as evidence of improvements made through the use of the recommended floor cleaning machine.  At last you can demonstrate an improvement in health and safety at your site through facts and figures.

Why Clemas?

We use advanced techniques to help you select the correct cleaning machine and go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met first time. Clemas & Co is an established family run British business operating since 1988. We offer a wide range of floor cleaning machines based on a thorough understanding of your business We supply used and new Equipment. Servicing, repairs and refurbishments are carried out by a team of experienced engineers. You can also hire a cleaning machine on a short or long term basis. Free expert advice on all aspects of cleaning is available.

Call us today on 01684 850777 or email to talk about your cleaning and how we can help you to improve health and safety at your site.



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