Free Scrubber Dryer On-Site Demonstration

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blue-question-markAs with most technology these days, you know the job you need to do – but finding the right “machine” to do that job can often be a mine field! Do you require a walk-behind or a ride-on floor scrubbing machine, our experienced sales team can help you to decide and provide a free, no obligation demonstration on your site to see how the floor scrubber dryer performs in your environment.

It may be that you may have a dusty, debris covered warehouse floor or a greasy factory floor that you know needs a cleaning machine to clean them but have no idea as to where to begin deciding what you need.

This is where we at Clemas & Co Ltd can help. We will come free of charge to your site to either assess your floor cleaning machine needs, carrying out an onsite survey or if you know what you need after discussing your requirements we can provide a demonstartion . This on-site survey enables us to understand the environment that the cleaning machine needs to operate in. This understanding then ensures that we recommend the most effective machine for your needs. Following the on-site survey we can then follow up with a free on-site demonstration of the machine that we have suggested. Quite often seeing the machine “in-situ” gives the peace of mind that the floor cleaning machine does all that you require it to do.

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