Gansow Water Management System

The inclusion of GWS (Gansow Water Management System) on walk behind floor scrubber driers reduces the water and chemical consumption, and can help to increase the longevity of the floor cleaning equipment. In addition it gives optimum cleaning results at a relatively low use of work time and personnel.

Benefits of the GWS® Gansow Water Management System

  •  Increases the productivity (performance per tank filling) of the scrubber drier more than 50% compared with a conventional scrubber drier
  •  Saves more than 50% chemicals and fresh (drinking) water compared with a conventional scrubber drier
  •  Reduces the capital expenditure for a scrubber drier about 20% compared with a conventional scrubber drier

For even greater savings in cleaning chemicals GWS can be used with the Chemical dosing GWS chemplus system. This system allows exact doses of chemical to be included, thus reducing overuse and wastage.

The system works by continuously adjusting the rpm of the water pump with the speed of the brushes, so when the machine is going around a corner (slower) the machine will release less water. The patented water guide ring® ensures the constant dispensation of cleaning solution to the brushes. When the brushes rotate the cleaning solution is dispensed by three holes within the brush plate into the bristles of the brushes, the brushes have very narrow bristles at the outer brim ensuring that the water is kept within the scrubbing brushes.

This system means that the Gansow range of cleaning machines gives you double the cleaning area compared with a conventional scrubber drier. This not only helps you save with the cost of water but also means that you will be filling up the machine less often, saving you time.