Hire A Cleaning Machine

Hire A Cleaning Machine

Clemas understands that it won’t suit everyone to buy a cleaning machine, which is why we give you the option to hire a cleaning machine with different contracts available to meet your requirements.

If we’re talking about hire, look what you can get as standard:

  • Quick and easy access to a specialist machine for the job, no machine ordering required.
  • Choice flexibility with our large range of cleaning machines for almost any cleaning job. Choose from a variety of industrial and commercial scrubber dryers, sweepers, sweeper scrubbers, pressure washers, polishers & buffers, vacuums, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, specialist equipment, and a floor scarifier.
  • Your team will receive full training on the hire machine you choose.
  • In case of a breakdown, we’ll try to fix your machine on-site within 72 hours, but if it needs to come back to our workshop, we’ll supply you with a courtesy machine, so your cleaning routine isn’t compromised long-term. However, Clemas is closed on weekends.
  • Extend, upgrade, or give back the machine when your contract expires.
  • Don’t worry about transporting your machines, we’ll drop off and collect them.

We’re proud to be a completely independent cleaning machine supplier. This means that we’re not obligated to supply any certain make of machine, which gives us the freedom to advise you on equipment that’s right for you, without bias. That being said, we don’t promote ALL cleaning machines. We’ve built strong relationships with a selection of trusted manufacturers by ensuring the machines meet our own high standards, this allows us the confidence to recommend high-quality, efficient, and reliable hire machines for your business.

When you hire a cleaning machine from us, we’re able to offer the best solution to suit your specific criteria, and you get to choose whether you’d like a long or short-term hire contract based on your requirements. Both types of hire come with their own bundle of benefits.

Short-term hire contracts are available for as little as one week! And great for contract cleaning, seasonal cleaning, and end-of-job clean-ups. Whatever cleaning application, we can help find a solution with our ever-growing variety of hire cleaning machines. Short-term hire allows you the flexibility to on and off hire equipment when you need it. Many of our customers end up purchasing cleaning machines, following a great hire experience with us. For example, you’re a school and need some equipment to deep clean your facility in between term times. We can help with this.

With long-term hire, you have access to suitable equipment without any down payments, or having to purchase or adopt ownership responsibilities. We’ll even drop off and collect the machine free of charge for contracts over 12 months. You have the option to hire a cleaning machine for up to 3 years, which offers preferred hire rates and fixed rentals for the duration of the hire contract. Cleaning machine maintenance has never been easier, our specialist engineers maintain the machine for you by contacting you to schedule and carry out regular maintenance visits. This not only keeps the machine working optimally, but also minimises the risk of breakdowns. In case your machine breaks down, gain peace of mind knowing mechanical and electrical breakdown is included, we’ll get an engineer to you within 72 hours, and they’ll bring a courtesy machine in case the hire machine needs to be brought back to our workshop for some TLC.

In other words, whatever you need, Clemas has you covered.

If you’d like to hire a cleaning machine, please contact us! We’ll get back to you asap.

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