How to choose a scrubber dryer?

What is a floor scrubber dryer?

An industrial floor scrubber dryer is a versatile and powerful hard floor cleaning machine. It not only scrubs and cleans hard floors with water and chemical but dries them also. Scrubber dryer machines come in a range of sizes from small compact walk behind scrubber dryers suitable for narrow aisles and tight spaces through to large areas such as car parks and airports. Scrubbing machines combine the scrubbing function of a rotary cleaning machine with the suction capabilities of a vacuum cleaner allowing both cleaning processes to be carried out in a single pass.

How do you use a floor scrubber dryer?

These scrubbing machines can be walk behind scrubbers (also know as pedestrian scrubbers) or ride on scrubbers. Generally the smaller scrubber dryers are for the operator to walk behind whilst the ride on floor scrubber machines will increase the productivity and operator comfort. The addition of chemicals will give further cleaning power to areas that are high traffic or contain stubborn stains.  For a further overview of the scrubbers click the link.

How do I choose the right scrubber dryer?

Dependent on the hard floor area to be swept will depend on whether you require one of our walk behind scrubbers or larger ride on scrubbers. You also need to consider whether you wish your machine to be attached by a cable, battery or LPG powered.

Our in house experts are ready to take your requirements and advise you on getting the right hard floor scrubbing machine. So give our friendly sales team a call on 01684 850777 , drop us an email or complete our contact form.