i-mop Package Deal £3,199 +VAT

This package deal is available till the 4th October 2020

Buy an i-mop XL and get the following great additions:

  1. Buy an i-mop XL  (Batteries and charger included)


CLICK HERE to view the i-mop webpage.

2. Get a FREE case of i-protect hand sanitiser

The new and innovative i-protect hand gel utilises aXonnite® technology to create a protective barrier on the hands which uses the silver contained in the product as an antibacterial and antivirus solution. The product will maintain the protective barrier for 4-6 hours during normal daily activity and handwashing. This provides a longer lasting barrier for the user compared to standard alcohol gel.

Free case of i-protect hand sanitiser RESIZED CANVAS

3. Get a FREE case of i-protect Clean & Fresh

i-protect® new Clean & Fresh is an environmentally friendly window cleaner that also purifies the air of odours and harmful pollutants. Spray onto any surface that gets direct light. i-protect® new Clean and Fresh uses the power of light to transform those surfaces into odour-eliminating air purifiers.

Free case of i-protect Clean & Fresh RESIZED CANVAS

CLICK HERE to view the MSDS datasheet

4. FREE 3m i-matt roll

i-matt is an extended duration, clean-in-place walk-off mat that vastly improves floor safety and ease of cleaning. i-mop’s superior cleaning performance can be applied seamlessly to the i-matt. Adding i-protect HDD with aXonnite® to your cleaning protocol gets mats even cleaner and helps prevent recontamination to make future cleaning easier and faster.

Instead of wasting time and money moving mats out of the way, clean your floors with i-matt in place. It stays put up to 12 weeks! The proprietary adhesive backing allows i-matt to stay in place while you clean. You can i-mop right over its low profile, durable, quick-drying surface and never move a heavy, dirty carpeted mat again!

Free 3m i-matt roll RESIZED CANVAS