i-mop Package Deal £3,199 +VAT

This package deal is available till the 13th August 2020

Buy an i-mop XL and get the following great additions:

  1. Get a FREE upgrade to an i-mop XL Plus (Batteries and charger included)

i-mop XL New 1 Image HHH, 22.07.20 RESIZED CANVAS

2. Get a FREE i-vac C5 (Batteries and charger are not included with the i-vac 5)

i-vac 5 (White) Zoom Side 1

3. FREE case of i-protect N3

Low foaming product for the daily cleaning of waterproof floors also protected with polymer coatings. When used regularly, the aXonnite® particles contained in i-protect® New 3, ensure long-lasting effectiveness of antibacterial and antifungal action on cleaned surfaces, even between cleaning cycles.

i-protect N3 Image 22.07.20 RESIZED CANVAS

4. FREE case of i-protect hand gel.

The new and innovative i-protect hand gel utilises aXonnite® technology to create a protective barrier on the hands which uses the silver contained in the product as an antibacterial and antivirus solution. The product will maintain the protective barrier for 4-6 hours during normal daily activity and handwashing. This provides a longer lasting barrier for the user compared to standard alcohol gel.


i-protect Hand Gel Image 22.07.20 RESIZED CANVAS