Indoor Air Healing

What Do You Mean….FRESH AIR?


The latest GOV.UK advice (4th August 2021) includes the introduction of fresh air to indoor spaces, to improve ventilation and to quote; “The more fresh air you let into your home or other enclosed spaces, the less likely a person is to inhale infectious particles“.  The advice continues with how to do this; open doors and windows, uncover air vents and to make use of kitchen & bathroom extractor fans, if available.  It also refers to putting on extra layers in cold weather to keep you warm.

This advice is indeed very sensible and should be adhered to as much as possible, but how will we deal with the coldness of Autumn and Winter – is it realistically practical to have doors and windows open as the temperatures drop? Be truthful…….what will you do with open windows in the cold weather?

What is fresh air anyway? – you would presume outside air, right? But pre-covid the headlines frequently brought outside air pollution to our attention, with serious warnings of effects on human health over short and long term exposure.  In polluted areas (i.e. traffic pollution, farming, energy generation and industrial processes) then this is vitally important information to be aware of.  These outside pollutants haven’t gone away.

Pollution vs Coronavirus – what to do?

The solution in many circumstances is to clean the air indoors – to do this you will need an air cleaner or air healer.  A machine that filters, removes, and kills air contaminants; volatile organic compounds, microbes (virus & bacteria) and particle matter.


Here at Clemas & Co Ltd we invested in an air healing machine in early 2021 for our open plan office. We purchased the i-air PRO after two months of intense research and based this investment decision on MERV 19 air cleaning performance and technology, product quality, ease of use and low maintenance requirements. The Clemas team have all benefitted hugely from this addition and the confidence that it has evoked has been very reassuring.  Interestingly, we have also seen a huge reduction in staff illness and abscence, in fact to almost zero this year.

Please view the i-air PRO – CLICK HERE

So there is no need to let in polluted cold air this Autumn and Winter in your defence to stop Covid spreading.  The answer is quality Indoor Air Cleaning.




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