A simple way to look after your batteries.

The main cause of early failure in batteries is due having the incorrect electrolyte level within your battery. It is the electrolyte that gives the battery the ability to produce power and take in charge. Without it it does neither!

It is thus critical that the distilled water in the battery is maintained at the correct level as this effects the electrolyte level. Either overfilling or underfilling can also cause problems. If you over fill you can cause dangerous spillage and dilution but if you underfill you risk the batteries drying out and warping.

Unlike a car battery (which just starts the car) the battery in a cleaning machine actually runs the machine. With all this in mind it is a job that must be done but can clearly be a little tedious, especially if you have more than one machine!

The autofill battery system takes away the pressure of making sure you do it right. It gives the batteries precise maintenance, which in turn gives improved machine reliability.

The system works by placing a different cap onto each battery with a small float attached. This then cuts off as soon as the limit is reached . This system can also be fitted retrospectively.

It is a not expensive and is simple to install and has the possibility of saving you hundreds if you have to replace failing batteries earlier than planned.

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