Combi P4 Pressure Washer The Versatile Way To Wash Your Outdoor Floor Areas

Wash Away Your Dirt With The Unique Combi Pressure Washer

The Combi pressure washer combines the Rotowash and Hurricane pressure washers making it ideal for use on flat surfaces including patios, decking, marinas, pedestrian walkways, roads, car parks. The Combi unit comes complete with twin spinning arms which rotate at 2000rpm and a 50mm heavy duty skirt which eliminates overspray to anything nearby which is essential when cleaning in urban areas.

The Combi glides effortlessly over any surface minimising operator fatigue, this machine comes with grey non marking rubber wheels which are ideal for most flat surfaces. Due to the power of the pressure washer and the spinning arms, operators benefit from cleaning surfaces in a fraction of the time.

The Combi machine can also be used as a stand alone pressure washer by attaching a lance making it a versatile and practical machine for many applications. Call our sales team on 01684 850777 for further information.

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