Eliminate Your Floor Scrubber Dryer Chemical Costs With ec-H20 Technology; Water Which Acts Like A Powerful Detergent

ec-H2O, No Chemicals Needed In Your Floor Scrubber Dryer!

Use your scrubber dryer with tap water and get the same results as adding detergent. The ec-H2O technology within your scrubber dryer converts plain tap water into a cleaning agent without adding any chemicals; the Tennant scrubber dryers use temporarily charged water instead of detergent to remove dirt providing enormous benefits for the user including increased cost efficiency, reduced environmental issues and improved health and safety.  

The ec-H2O technology ensures user safety as no chemicals are involved which in turn removes or reduces many health and safety risks. Slip and fall accidents as a result of slippery detergent residue are one safety risk that will be significantly reduced.

Ec-H2O technology is environmentally friendly as the only liquid to enter the machine is tap water helping reduce the environmental impact of traditional cleaning chemicals; ec-H2O also uses up to 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods, saving you time refilling your machine.

Cost effective;there is no need to purchase detergent for your scrubber dryer, productivity is increased by up to 30% due to increased scrub times and reduced fill and drain times and no time is needed for chemical handling, mixing and usage training.

The ec-H2O technology is ideal for use in the food sector, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, kitchens, dairies, bakeries and many more applications. The machines can be used to clean a variety of floor surfaces such as tile, non-slip surfaces, linoleum and painted floor surfaces.

Just fill with H2O and go!

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