Hazardous & Atex Vacuum Cleaners For Your High Risk Areas Where Hazardous Dusts Are Present

 Hazardous and Atex  Vacuums 

Our range of hazardous vacuum cleaners are to be used in environments that have a risk of being hazardous to health or a risk of explosion.

Our hazardous vacuums are designed to protect the user and other employees surrounding the user. 

A vacuum cleaner works by drawing in large amounts of air, as this air is pulled into the vacuum cleaner the dust you are vacuuming up is also sucked up. This air needs somewhere to go, as it can’t keep building up inside the vacuum there just isn’t enough room. So the air is filtered and then expelled from the exhaust located on the back of the vacuum.

This is where hazardous dusts really become a problem. In a conventional “standard” vacuum cleaner the filters that clean the air before it is expelled from the vacuum are not fine enough to stop small particles of workshop waste dust, Asbestos and Silica from entering the air. The operator then breathes in this air, normally without even realising it and this is when the damage begins. 

We have a vast range of hazardous and atex vacuum cleaner suitable for almost any environment! Please visit our hazardous vacuums web pages or contact us on 01684 850777 for further information. 

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