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What if I told you that only 2.5% of all water on earth is freshwater, almost all of that is locked up in ice caps, leaving 1.2% of Earths water deemed clean for our global civilization to survive off? And demand for drinking water is projected to exceed supply by trillions of cubic metres by 2030…


Feeling swamped by your current cleaning regime? Wanting to cut back your water footprint? Or maybe you haven’t thought about it yet?


Keep reading to get some clarity


As you may or may not already know, we hosted a competition where we gave away 3 I-Mop Lite scrubber dryers to celebrate the launch of our fantastic new virtual showroom! But why did we decide to do a virtual showroom instead of a real-life space?

Lots of reasons, let us elaborate on a few…

  • No travel costs – It’s 2022, fuel prices are crazy!
  • No greenhouse gas emissions from traveling visitors – better for the environment.
  • No booking/ time slots required – You’ll be glad to hear, you can browse our machines for as long as you like, in your own time.


Enough about the showroom, onto the PRIZES…


Giving away prizes wasn’t just about generosity, it’s about something much more important to us. Being an independent business, we’re able to follow our own path. Committing to starting our journey of lowering our global footprint, one small change at a time.

It’s no shock that cleaning requires water, it’s inevitable. However, the amount of water we’re using, is avoidable.

Mopping a small area of floor requires at least a squirt of chemical and a typical 15L mop bucket, but leaves the floor sticky & slippery, standard procedure, right? It doesn’t have to be. You can actually get better results, using less & saving on your water bill using the I-Mop.

Not convinced yet?

  • ATP testing confirms that i-mop’s twin counter-rotating brushes deep scrub for 90% cleaner surfaces compared to conventional mopping.
  • The I-Mop cleans up to 70% faster than conventional mopping and up to 30% faster than auto scrubbing.
  • The I-mop reduces environmental impact by over 75%!
  • The I-Mop leaves floors dry and safe to walk on almost immediately. Wet mopping with dirty water and slippery floors is a thing of the past.


Let’s all level up to protect our planet before it’s too late.

Together, we can make a difference.


Call us on 01684 850777 or email info@clemas.co.uk to enquire.

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