C30 45B Battery Floor Scrubber Dryer

Cleans until it beams, that’s the C30 floor scrubber dryer.

The C30 walk-behind floor scrubber dryer is suitable for most work environments, and very reliable too. Ideal for small to medium sized spaces like shopping centres, schools, offices and factories. The C30 is available with a single brush, two brushes or with an orbital brush, for that stubborn dirt.


  • The C30 offers further mobility and ease of access to those tough, hard to reach areas.
  • Enhance cleaning productivity and efficiency with the C30
  • Excellent value for money makes this scrubber dryer a smart investment.
  • Reduces the risk of slips and trips with its water recovery feature, leaving floors immediately ready for traffic.
  • Ensure user comfort with the adjustable handle. Now the operator can select their optimal cleaning position.
Tank capacity: 30L
Scrub width: 45cm
Power: Battery 24V

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For use with Fiorentini C30 45B
Parts no: l18

£2,490.00 Excl VAT