Fiorentini Ecosmall 70B Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

Powerful, versatile, capable.

This efficient battery operated Fiorentini Ecosmall scrubber dryer is a solid choice for industrial and commercial businesses. It’s also a budget friendly option and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty as standard. It can be easily maneuvered into areas that a ride on scrubber dryer wouldn’t be able to reach.


  • Its powerful battery and large tank capacity extends the continuous run time.
  • The water pick up is extremely efficient, leaving floors clean, dry and safe to walk on in one pass.
  • Reduces the risk of slips and trips as its battery powered, meaning no trailing cable.
  • 70cm wide scrubbing brush will cover more surface area, quicker than other floor scrubbing machines.
  • Due to the Fiorentini Ecosmall capability, it’s ideal for industrial settings where a ride-on scrubber dryer won’t fit.

For use with Fiorentini Ecosmall 70B
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