i-mop XXL Scrubber Dryer

The power of an auto scrubber. The agility of a flat mop. This is the i-mop.

The i-mop XXL scrubber dryer is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and will cover much more floor area than traditional wet-mopping in the same amount of time.  (Includes batteries and charger)


  • The weight on the brushes allows them to scrub harder and their faster rotation speed makes them more effective for a deeper clean. As measured by objectively quantifiable ATP testing, it creates surfaces that are 90% cleaner compared to those maintained with the traditional mop and bucket.
  • Removes spent cleaning solution allowing the floor to dry very quickly, reducing potential hazards from slips and falls. There is no need to put out warning cones because i-mop’s drier floors reduces foot traffic disruption. Foot traffic can resume almost immediately after using this floor cleaning machine.
  • In order to clean challenging large areas with the same flexibility and speed as the i-mop XL, we have enlarged the scrub-deck to a cleaning path of 62 cm and added more water capacity.
Tank capacity: 5L
Scrub width: 62cm
Power: Battery 24.2V

See all info on the i-mop XXL here

For use with i-Team i-mop XXL
Parts no: imopxxl

£4,513.33 Excl VAT