Tennant T600 Disc Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

The Tennant T600, an industrial strength floor scrubber dryer.

Increase cleaning efficiencies, reduce cost of ownership and minimise environmental impact with a high-quality Tennant T600 scrubber dryer which uses detergent-free technologies. Consistent delivery of cleaning results will help improve the health and safety of operators and guests, and enhance your facility image.


  • Yellow debris tray helps prevent machine clogging.
  • Easily remove scrub brushes with the yellow release plunger.
  • Quickly identify when brushes need replacement with the yellow brush wear indicator.
  • Easy access to solution filter bowl makes clean-out simple and quick.
  • Safely control the removal of excess fluids via the battery compartment drain tube.
  • Charge anywhere with the convenient on-board charger.
  • Conveniently and easily carry items on the accessory rail.
  • Improve operator ergonomics with propel direction switch and speed/variable bail settings within easy reach.

For use with Tennant T600
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