Tennant T7 Ride On Scrubber Dryer

Expect ecellent performance, consistently with the T7 ride on scrubber dryer.

Improve your cleaning efforts with a fast and efficient scrubber dryer, the Tennant T7 ride on scrubber dryer cleaning machine. All users can easily access Hygienic® tanks for quick cleaning – reducing mould and bacteria that may grow in dirty tanks.


  • Clean tight spaces and narrow aisles with T7+’s compact design and highly manoeuvrable handling.
  • Reduce environmental impact with ec-H2O NanoClean™.
  • Exclusive Hygenic® tanks are fully accessible for cleaning.
  • Customise to meet your unique needs – choose either disk for smooth floors without debris or cylindrical for capturing light debris.
  • Leave behind no cleaning solution, even around 180-degree turns, with the T7+’s equal-pressure, parabolic squeegee.
  • Quickly remove and replace brushes and squeegees.
  • Decrease the chance of accidents with automatic braking and parking brake actuation.

For use with Tennant T7
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