Scrubber Dryer Chemicals

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Multi Scrub

A versatile medium-duty economical low foaming alkaline cleaner recommended for use in daily maintenance cleaning operations through scrubber dryer equipment. Its lower alkalinity makes it particularly suitable for use on sensitive floor substrates.

Ultra Scrub

An economy product for medium to heavy duty soiling. Low foaming alkaline formula capable of removing heavy oil/grease deposits in industrial operations. Excellent in food environments where fats, proteins and starches must be removed.

Neutra Scrub

A highly advanced neutral water based semi quick-break degreasing product for cleaning operations in sensitive working environments where alkaline and more aggressive cleaners are undesirable or forbidden such as corrosion control areas. Practically no smell.

HD Power Scrub

A low-foaming, extremely heavy-duty, water-based alkaline cleaner for use in remedial cleaning operations using scrubber dryer equipment. Excellent heavy-duty emulsifier that can be used in most deep cleaning operations where an aggressive cleaner is required. Use with Remedial Floor Cleaner.

Remedial Floor Cleaner

A heavy-duty, low volatility, emulsifiable, semi-quick-break solvent degreaser for impacted soiling and to remove difficult oils, grease, tar, and bitumen from floors. Designed as a pre-cleaner on deeply ingrained deposits before using HD Powerscrub or Ultra Scrub.