• Comby 4000 is perfect for steam cleaning all floor surfaces such as tiles, vinyl, altro, terrazzo, marble, woods and carpets.
  • Surfaces are cleaned and sanitized with minimum use of chemicals with the Comby 4000 steam cleaner
  • The comby 4000 steam cleaner is highly effective in removing grease
  • The powerful steam facility of the Comby 4000 is effective even without detergent
  • The powerful steam facility of the Comby 4000 works well on carpets
  • Different attachments for different cleaning tasks for the Comby 4000
  • Various accessories are available for different cleaning applications
  • A wide range of accessories are available. Call us on 01684 850777
  • Various accessories come with the machine for different cleaning applications

Comby 4000 Steam Cleaner

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Tank capacity: 5L
Steam temperature: 180 °C
Power: 3600W

Used: excl VAT