• At the point of contact, our specially designed brush emits a pH neutral and safe enzyme steam mixture to dissolving the chewing gum, which can then be brushed away
  • The i-gum has a comfortable self contained backpack which is worn by the user allowing for complete freedom of movement and easy usability
  • The i-gum is designed to be user-friendly and to work in different environments, there are no hazardous or dangerous fumes or heat present when working with the i-gum
  • The i-gum battery is interchangeable with other cleaning machines in the i-range such as the i-mop XL

i-Gum / i-Remove Specialist Gum Removal Machine

Service contracts available for all listed machines

Tank capacity: 2.5L
Power: Battery 25.2V

Used: £1890 (demo) excl VAT