• This floor scrubber dryer has accessible and removable tanks for fast solution changes
  • This floor scrubber dryer has a side brush option
  • The Multiwash 340 Floor Scrubber Drier is Ideal for school classrooms
  • Multiwash 340 Scrubber Dryer range are compact but capable floor scrubber dryer machines
  • Order your Truvox multiwash floor scrubber dryer trolley from Clemas
  • Optional side brush for the Multiwash floro scrubber dryer is available from Clemas
  • Truvox Multiwash cylindrical floor scrubber dryer brushes can be ordered direct from Clemas
  • Truvox floor scrubber dryers are supplied by Clemas & Co to most of England and Wales

Multiwash 340 Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

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Tank capacity: 1.7L
Scrub width: 34cm
Power: 12m cable

Used: £1495 excl VAT