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Tennant T600e Disk Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer

New price: Call 01684 850777
Lease options also available*
*Minimum order value of £1000

The Tennant T600e Scrubber Dryer, Simpler and More Affordable

Deliver exceptional cleaning performance and reliability even in the toughest environments. The Tennant T600e Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber-Dryer features durable construction and a suite of productivity-boosting features. Help make your cleaning operation more productive by choosing from multiple cleaning heads and a variety of optional innovative technologies.

The Tennant T600 and T600e replace the Tennant 5680 pedestrian scrubber dryer.​​

  • Scrub longer between empty and fill cycles with large-capacity 121 L solution tank and 140 L recovery tank.
  • Clean virtually any hard floor surface with a wide range of cleaning heads including disk, cylindrical and an orbital option.
  • Maximize battery life with the optional Smart-Fill™ automatic battery watering system.
  • Simplify operator training with easy-to-understand controls featuring variable speed control bail, propel toggle and speed setting within reach.
  • Withstand the toughest environments with industrial grade construction featuring a corrosion-resistant scrub deck and rust-proof polyethylene body and tanks.

Optional Battery Smart-Fill™

Smart-Fill™ is the first on-board battery watering system that automatically fills batteries correctly, at the best time in the charging cycle, making battery maintenance virtually worry-free. Further extend battery life by pairing Smart-Fill with IRIS Battery Manager, with alerts for low battery water reservoir and detailed reports regarding battery charging behaviours.


5 Reasons To Choose Clemas:

  • You get a bespoke solution that’s right for your business

  • A free comprehensive site survey and machine demo determines what machine you need

  • We have the capability to service or repair large complex machines

  • No need to go anywhere else: Sales, Service, Refurb, Repairs, Hire, Parts, Chemical

  • 30 years in the industry, a reliable family run UK business with a personalised service


Contact Clemas today to find the right machine for your unique needs

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   T600e | Walk-Behind Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer
Product Specifications
FEATURE 28 in / 700 mm Disk 32 in / 800 mm Disk 36 in / 900 mm Disk 28 in / 700 mm Cylindrical 32 in / 800 mm Cylindrical 28 in / 700 mm Orbital
Productivity (per hour) Theoretical Max 36,960 ft2/hr / 3,434 m2/hr 42,240 ft2/hr / 3,924 m2/hr 47,520 ft2/hr /4,415m2/hr 36,960 ft2/hr / 3,434 m2/hr 42,240 ft2/hr / 3,924 m2/hr 36,960 ft2/hr / 3,434 m2/hr
Estimated Coverage* – Conventional 24,005ft2/hr / 2,230m2/hr 27,698 ft2/hr / 2,573 m2/hr 31,391 ft2/hr / 2,916 m2/hr 24,000ft2/hr / 2,230m2/hr 27,698 ft2/hr / 2,573 m2/hr 24,005ft2/hr / 2,230m2/hr
Estimated Coverage* – ec-H2O NanoClean® 28,863 ft2/hr / 2,681 m2/hr 33,304 ft2/hr / 3,094 m2/hr 34,964 ft2/hr / 3,248 m2/hr 28,863 ft2/hr / 2,681 m2/hr 33,304 ft2/hr / 3,094 m2/hr 28,863 ft2/hr / 2,681 m2/hr
Scrub Motor T600e 2 x 36 VDC,  0.75 hp / 0.56
2 x 36 VDC,  0.75 hp / 0.56
2 x 36 VDC,  0.75 hp /
0.56 kW
2 x 36 VDC,  .9 hp / .67 kW 2 x 36 VDC,  .9 hp / .67 kW 1 x 36 VDC,  .75 hp / .56 kW
Brush/Pad RPM T600e 200 RPM 200 RPM 200 RPM 760 RPM 760 RPM 2200 RPM
Brush Down Pressure T600e
Heavy Duty Down Pressure (Option 800mm disk only)
low: 150 lbs/ 68 kg
high:  200 lbs/ 90 kg
low: 150 lbs/ 68 kg
high:  200 lbs/ 90 kg
heavy duty:  300 lbs/ 136
low: 150 lbs/ 68 kg
high:  200 lbs/ 90 kg
low: 50 lbs/ 23 kg
high:  90 lbs/ 41 kg
low: 50 lbs/ 23 kg
high:  90 lbs/ 41 kg
low: 105 lbs/ 48 kg
high:  170 lbs/ 77 kg
Solution Tank Capacity 32 gal/121 L
Recovery Tank Capacity 37 gal/140 L
Vacuum Motor 36 VDC,  0.75 hp / .56 kW, 15.6 A
Vacuum Water Lift 50 in / 1270 mm
Conventional Standard
ec-H2O NanoClean® Optional
System Voltage 36 Volt
Battery Types – 6 required Wet 240AH
Wet 360AH
Battery Run Time – Wet 360AH (up-to hours)*** T600e – 5.1 T600e – 5.0 T600e – 5.0 T600e  – 6.4 T600e – 5.8 T600e – 6.1
On-Board or Off-Board Charger Standard
Smart-Fill™ Automatic Battery Watering Tank Capacity (Option) 1.1 gal/4 L
Scrubbing Speed 3.0 mph / 4.8 km/h or 260 fpm / 79 mpm
Transport Speed 3.3 mph / 5.3 km/h or 290 fpm / 88 mpm
Length 63.7 in / 1617 mm 65.8 in / 1671 mm 69.3 in / 1671 mm 64.4 in / 1637 mm 64 in / 1625 mm 62.6 in / 1590 mm
Width 30.1 in / 764 mm 33.7 in / 856 mm 37.6 in / 955 mm 31.2 in / 792 mm 35.1 in / 892 mm 29.4 in / 746 mm
Height 43.6 in / 1107 mm 43.6 in / 1107 mm 43.6 in / 1107 mm 43.6 in / 1107 mm 43.6 in / 1107 mm 43.6 in / 1107 mm
Squeegee Width (standard) 38.3 in / 973 mm 41.3 in / 1049 mm 46.6 in / 1234 mm 38.3 in / 973 mm 41.3 in / 1049 mm 38.3 in / 973 mm
Aisle Turnaround Width 65 in / 1650 mm 67 in / 1700 mm 70 in / 1775mm 67 in / 1700mm 67.5 in / 1713 mm 60.6 in / 1540 mm
Weight (without batteries) 463 lb / 210 kg 466 lb / 212 kg 470 lb / 214 kg 479 lb / 218 kg 482 lb / 219 kg 489 lb / 222 kg
Weight (with heaviest batteries) 1033 lb / 470 kg 1036 lb / 471 kg 1040 lb / 473 kg 1049 lb / 477 kg 1052 lb / 478 kg 1059 lb / 481 kg
GVW 1301lb / 591 kg 1304 lb / 593 kg 1308 lb / 595 kg 1317 lb / 599 kg 1320 lb / 600 kg 1327 lb / 603 kg
Sound Level (operator’s ear)**** 69.5 dBA 69.5 dBA 69.5 dBA 69.2 dBA 69.2 dBA 69.5 dBA
*Estimated coverage rates use the practical speed and empty/fill time standards from the 612 ISSA Cleaning Times handbook.
***Up to run-times are based on continuous scrubbing run-times, 360AH batteries, low down pressure, ec-H2O off.
****Sound levels per ISO 11201 as recommended by the American Association of Cleaning Equipment manufacturers & OSHA.


Payment Options

We can offer you several different payment options; buy, hire, lease or contract hire, choose whichever option suits you best!

We appreciate that in today's business environment, customers may not want to invest in cleaning equipment, when their cleaning application is relatively small or infrequent, particularly in the contracting sector. This is why we give you the following four purchase options;


Outright purchase; our machines and service contracts are competitively priced to ensure that we give the customer the best possible deal. We offer attractive part exchange packages which means that you not only get a great deal on your new cleaning machine but you also get money back for your old machine.


We have a comprehensive hire fleet for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning, these are available for weekly, monthly or long term hire and include the following: pedestrian and ride-on scrubber driers, pedestrian and ride-on sweepers, high pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and polishers. Please see our hire pages for more details and prices.


From listening to our customers and being aware of economic influences, we are able to offer leasing options on all of our equipment over £1000 at very competitive rates. Let the cleaning equipment pay for itself! You don't pay your cleaning staff in a one off lump payment, so why pay for your cleaning equipment that way? Please click herefor further information and examples.

Contract Hire

We provide the machinery with all the maintenance and breakdown support included. We will manage your cleaning machines, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Payment Terms & Conditions:

Purchase:Only electronic bank transfers will be accepted for machine sales.

Parts, hire and service: Payment methods accepted are: electronic bank transfer, debit and credit cards, cheque. For any orders outside the UK we only accept electronic bank transfer.

Spare Parts For Your Floor Cleaning Machine

Supplied to UK and Ireland

Clemas & Co are an authorised supplier of spare parts for well known cleaning machine brands such as Tennant, Demon, Nilfisk, Fiorentini, IPC Gansow and Karcher.

We can source a wide range of consumables and accessories for your floor cleaning machine

We can source parts for most cleaning machines, just give us a call on 01684 850777 or use the contact form below.

"Choose File" gives you the option to upload an image of the particular part and/or machine model or serial number you are enquiring about. This is very helpful to us so we can identify and source the part more quickly.

What can you expect from us during a floor cleaning machine service?

Clemas & Co Ltd was originally established in 1988 on the basis of service alone. With this in mind we are confident that we can provide a thorough and comprehensive floor cleaning machine service for all your floor cleaning machines.

The best way to keep your floor cleaning machine running as it should is by taking out one of our scheduled service plans. Through preventative maintenance from regular servicing you will help to reduce costs and machine down time, allowing your machine to work at its best at all times. We also offer 'pay as you go' servicing to meet all your floor cleaning equipment needs and requirements.

When a machine service has been arranged through contact from our service department ( or calling 01684 850777, one of our manufacturer-trained engineers will arrive on your site at a pre agreed date. As each site is different and the cleaning demands placed on each machine are individual to each customer our experienced engineer will assess the floor cleaning machine and the and the cleaning task it is expected to carry out.

Why Choose Clemas?

You can be sure that cleaning downtime is kept to a minimum and we only supply the highest quality parts for a first class cleaning result, this is how:

  • Since 1988 we have built up good relationships with a large number of suppliers in the UK and Europe to be able to quickly source spare parts for cleaning machines both old and new
  • If you need assistance, orders can be made after a phone conversation with our technical expert for a better understanding of your needs so you get the right parts first time
  • We hold a large amount of standard stock at 2 warehouses which could mean you get what you need quicker
  • We can post nationwide including Ireland or our engineers can supply and fit in most of England & Wales
  • Prices are competitive with special offers and discounts available throughout the year, ask for more details when you call 01684 850777 or e mail us

We stock a wide range of chemicals for most floor cleaning tasks and these can be shipped to the Uk and Ireland. Over the years Clemas has established close relationships with suppliers which means we can quickly source and supply chemicals at very competitive prices. Speak to us about bulk discounts on 01684 850777 or e mail

Not sure which chemical to use?

Download the Clemas Chemical Guide

If you are looking to upgrade your cleaning machine, then why not part exchange your machine?

If you purchase a new machine from Clemas & Co Ltd you can reduce the cost of your new machine by part-exchanging your current machine. The amount offered will then be offset against your new cleaning machine price; making it more affordable for you.

We will consider part exchange on a number of machines such as scrubber dryers, sweepers, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, polishing machines and scarifiers.

Please complete the form below, if possible uploading photos of your current machine will help us to provide you with a competitive trade in price for your cleaning machine. We may need to contact you for further information on your machine, so don't forget to leave a contact number.

Your Details

Machine Details

Not sure what type of machine you need?

Our online cleaning machine recomendation tool will let you choose the correct machine for your requirements or cleaning enviroment.

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