Regular Servicing Of Your Floor Cleaning Machine Is A Wise Move

Good quality cleaning machines are an expensive investment for any business and need to be reliable so cleaning happens when it should and cleaning is carried out to the highest standards first time, every time. Regular servicing of your floor cleaning machine avoids sub-standard cleaning results from issues such as worn out brushes or damaged squeegees, or worse, an unexpected breakdown. These situations are stressful, costly and inconvenient to everyone and above all, totally unnecessary.

By having a skilled engineer regularly servicing your machine it allows the engineer to understand the cleaning demands placed on each machine. They can then easier identify any specific problems that may arise on your machine from the environment it needs to work in. It allows for any parts that are wearing to be identified thereby reducing the likelihood of machine breakdowns. It also helps you to budget for any parts that may need replacing in the future.


Why choose the regular servicing of your floor cleaning machine with Clemas?


  • Get the best out of your machine Expert advice and support from experienced engineers and staff who are easily accessible for any trouble shooting, re training or advice
  • Convenient Clemas engineers visit your site with a wide range of consumables (squeegees, brushes, pads) already with them so you are likely to have them when your machine is serviced and not days or weeks later
  • Time saving Engineers are regularly re trained so skills are always being improved and they are fully up to speed with the latest technology developments, this means servicing won’t take longer than necessary so minimum cleaning downtime
  • Hassle free Small, family run business that focuses on customer service so you get an efficient, personalised service. It’s very easy to arrange a service contract and once it’s up and running we will do the rest. You will get a call when your machine is due a service so you don’t even have to remember when it’s due
  • Peace of mind 29 years of experience in the cleaning industry means you can be sure that your cleaning machine is in safe hands and will be kept in the best possible condition for optimal cleaning performance


A service package to suit you


 Choose from a pay as you go service plan or a more cost effective annual service package that includes 3 services in a year. Our engineers carry out a thorough inspection of your cleaning machine at your site and for further information about what you can expect during a service click here or call us and we will do our best to answer any queries you have.





Don’t put off the servicing of your cleaning machine any longer, arrange your service contract now by calling us on 01684 850777 or e mail




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