Servicing Reduces Cleaning Downtime

Clemas & Co Ltd offer servicing and repair of industrial cleaning machines and this remains the core of our business. Our customers realise that preventative maintenance has become more important now than ever as budgets continue to be tightened.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that our reliance on cleaning equipment has never been so high. This puts the spotlight on the importance of servicing and maintenance of our machines, as this is vital in ensuring cleaning downtime is reduced to a minimum, cleaning performance is optimum, and we can be sure everything is being done to help control this virus.

Our highly skilled team of engineers work around the country from well equipped Clemas vans, visiting customers to provide scheduled servicing and assistance with breakdowns and to deliver hire equipment. The working day of an engineer is varied and often has many challenges.

Louise our service manager co-ordinates the engineers so that their time is optimised and to ensure our customers are given the most efficient service as possible. They visit fully prepared for the task in hand, knowledgeable in the machine/s they are visiting and armed with a service box tailored for that specific model. Wear parts and consumables  such as replacement brushes are available in case they need changing. Our engineers are happy to offer advise to your cleaning team about machine upkeep with regular cleaning and care to lengthen the life of the machine and minimise unexpected breakdowns.

Regularly maintained cleaning machines will be less likely to breakdown and therefore more cost effective


Clemas & Co Ltd service large complex cleaning machines as well as simple compact equipment and our expertly trained team of friendly engineers are always ready to help.


Contact us to find out how we can help you with your cleaning equipment, our advice is free and we have years of experience so we can always tailor a solution for your unique company needs.


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