Your Helping Hand to Get More Cleaning Done Quicker.

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Slather wet grot over your floors and call it clean? I don’t think so. No judgement, we’re here to help. Fear not my friend, there’s a solution, the scrubber dryer. A scrubber dryer is a floor cleaning machine that wet scrubs and dries hard flooring in one pass. These are made in various sizes to suit any indoor commercial or industrial space. It’s your helping hand to get more cleaning done, quicker.

But why choose a scrubber dryer over a standard mop and bucket? Well, for starters, a scrubber dryer is a lot more efficient. It’s cleaner, faster, uses less water and cleaning solution, and it’s safer by drying the floor as it goes leaving no residue behind. With an auto floor scrubber, there’s no need to wait for your floor to dry before walking on it. Plus, it’s a lot easier on your back, as you don’t have to constantly bend down to use the mop.

When thinking about cleaning your space, to get the best results there are 5 factors to consider. Time, temperature, mechanical action, chemical action, and procedures. Remember, these factors must be balanced. If one is reduced, it’ll be made up for by an increase in one or more of the remaining factors. Someone cleaning with a mop and bucket will experience a lot of time used (and time is labour = increase in costs), temperature (requires energy = increased costs) and chemical dosage (increase in chemical costs). Compared to someone using mechanical action with a scrubber dryer who will save time, reduce, or eliminate chemical volumes and eliminate temperature in most cases. This results in large cost savings.

Procedure map using a mop & bucket Procedure map using a scrubber dryer

Without getting technical, there are 2 different categories. Walk-behind and ride-on. Both floor scrubbers are ideal for cleaning sectors like industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, automotive, education, retail, healthcare, and hospitality. Aand BREATHE. You get the picture, they’re used everywhere.

Essentially, any hard floor that needs maintenance cleaning can benefit from the power of a scrubber dryer. But with all the different floor scrubbers out there, what do you go for? Lucky for you there are specialists who do the hard part for you. So RELAX, you can be certain you’re getting the right floor scrubbing machine for your specific needs. In case you haven’t caught on yet, we’re those specialists.

Like shoes and feet, no one size fits all. The right scrubber dryer depends on the type of floor, dirt, and size of area to be cleaned. The list could go on, but your life is too precious to sit here reading a mind-numbing, never-ending list of complex factors. Leave the boring stuff to us; we’ll take care of that for you.

As you can imagine, there are MANY different brands of scrubber dryers out there. With 35 years industry experience as an independent supplier, we always aim to supply machines and parts from the best in the industry; Tennant, Fiorentini, Nilfisk, Gansow, Iteam Global, and Truvox. We can also provide experienced engineers to carry out any repairs and service visits to keep your machine maintained and performing its best, even if you didn’t originally purchase your machine from us.

If you’re wanting a scrubber dryer, or already have one, and trying to increase your sustainability efforts, there’s an alternative to environmentally harmful chemical solution in single-use plastic packaging to fill your scrubbing machine with. It’s called SAO. SAO is a sterile solution which can be produced by a wall mounted unit connected to the mains water supply. It’s a proven and effective, 100% toxin free & environmentally sustainable cleaner, sanitiser, and deodoriser comprised of just 2 natural ingredients, water & oxygen. that’s it! Once the ingredients have been treated with technology they act as a powerful cleaning solution, stronger than bleach! Yet completely harmless to the health of you and your planet. Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) uses 90% less water, reduces plastic packaging by 83%, cardboard by 72%, and reduces chemicals of concern by 70%! If you want to progress your sustainability initiatives, SAO is paving the way forward.

Looking for an industrial or commercial cleaning machine that will save you time, water, chemical and backache? Consider investing in a scrubber dryer, Your helping hand to get more cleaning done, quicker.

The floors will thank you for it.

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