Small Cleaning Machines – BIG Results

Industrial floor cleaning machines come in all sizes, they are not just used for larger areas. Small floor spaces can often have high usage such as entrance lobbies and toilets, so cleaning these areas with a mop or broom can be time consuming, unproductive and hard work. Matching a machine to your individual requirements is fundamental to Clemas, as we believe you will be amazed at the time, money and effort you will save by using an industrial floor cleaner, even in the smallest of spaces.

No need to mop! the Motor Scrubber is a portable lightweight cordless machine that allows work to be undertaken anywhere. This multi-talented machine can be used inside or out, it can also either scrub or buff by using a choice of brushes or pads. It has been designed to clean all those hard to reach places that larger machines cannot reach.

Motorscrubber machine                         Fiorentini-Whisper-Image-15.08.16

Rather than using a broom, the Fiorentini Whisper Vacuum is an ideal portable machine to use in small spaces, it is also light to carry so can be easily moved around your site to assist everyday cleaning needs, making it efficient and a cost effective use of your cleaning operatives time.

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