Sweepers Are The Ideal Solution To Remove Your Debris And Eliminate Your Dust Issues

6100-leftSweeping machines are ideal for removing dirt, debris and dust  from both inside and outside areas. We can supply walk behind machines for your smaller, less accessible areas and ride on machines for your larger more open areas. 

Sweeping your floors is an effective way of helping you keep dust and debris levels to a minimum.  Our sweeping machines come with a vacuumation system that help remove the dust from your areas rather than just pushing the dust around with a broom and the effective sweeping systems ensure that your debris is collected easily and efficiently. 

Our wide range of sweepers available can be viewed here – http://www.clemas.co.uk/category/product-range/sweeper/

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 Please call us on 01684 850777 for any further information on our machines, hire or services. 

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