The Benefits of Leasing A Cleaning Machine


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When it comes to buying a new machine there are several choices and there are pros and cons to all options, (including leasing a cleaning machine) that need to be considered carefully.

Leasing A Cleaning Machine Is Cost Effective

Ease cashflow and reduce thousands of pounds of initial spend upfront. This frees up capital to spend on other projects by spreading the cost to monthly payments over 3 years. There is an option to buy at the end of the lease period, giving you some flexibility to your purchasing choices.

New Machines With The Latest Technology

Replace/upgrade your machine on a regular basis with another lease at the end of the agreed period so you always have the most efficient machine. This takes away the burden of an ageing machine with the increasing risk of an unexpected breakdown.

Leasing A Cleaning Machine Can Be Convenient And Save Time

There is the option for machines to be serviced on site on a regular basis, this means no time wasted arranging a service and possibly taking the machine off site.  A service typically lasts only a few hours so minimal cleaning down time. Unexpected breakdowns which cause huge inconvenience and wasted time are reduced by always having a machine in tip top condition, especially important when a shop or public space needs to be kept clean at all times. When leasing a machine, Clemas & Co can supply all necessary accessories when replacements are needed for a quality cleaning job first time, every time. All these things add up to time saved and a more cost effective cleaning solution.


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Why Lease With Clemas?

Hassle Free – with Clemas & Co put you first by offering the highest standards of customer service from independent expert advice on the choice of machine, placing the order right through to the safe delivery of your machine,

Support – comprehensive user training is provided for staff and once you start to use the machine we provide troubleshooting support too. In addition to this we can advise on the appropriate chemicals for a particular cleaning job and the types of brushes and pads needed for particular tasks

Minimum Cleaning Downtime – our team of experienced engineers regularly update their knowledge and skills to keep up to date with changing technologies in the industry, this means you can rest assured that we service your machines to the highest of standards so it’s always in tip top condition for the best cleaning results

A Trusted Established Company – with 29 years in the industry we are confident that you can trust us to find the right cleaning solution for your business


Not Sure What Product To Lease?

We supply a wide range of products so you are sure to find one to suit your needs.


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