The use of chemicals can enhance your machines performance.

Whilst all our cleaning machines are designed to clean in the most effective manner possible, sometimes this is not enough.

The use of cleaning chemicals in your cleaning machine may offer the solution to achieve the high level of cleanliness you require. They can aid everyday cleaning or can be the answer to more difficult cleaning problems. Everyday chemicals such as multiscrub or ultrascrub are versatile and can be used in a scrubber dryer on medium to heavy soiled hard floors. For more stubborn marks such as tyre marks the use of Hydra Tyre mark remover within your scrubber dryer will leave your floors looking as good as new with minimum effort from the operative!

Using chemicals to enhance the performance of your cleaning machine is not just limited to scrubber dryers, they can be used with many types of cleaning machines to resolve a diverse range of cleaning issues. Chemicals can be used in conjunction with your pressure washer for the removal of graffiti or alongside your floor polisher  to help maintain and buff up your floors to highlight but a few.

Now is the perfect time to try using a chemical. As part of our Casino Games we are offering 21 weeks chemical free on the hire of a scrubber dryer.

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