They’re Being Crushed…

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Out with the old and in with the new!

Modern cleaning methods are crushing old fashioned traditional ways of cleaning.


Well, let’s just say technology has advanced dramatically in the modern world. You can now expect technology for just about anything in the cleaning industry! Don’t be alarmed, it’s not the global robot revolution quite yet, just some clever machines to make your manual cleaning jobs much more efficient. Anything from cleaning your floors, surfaces, and furniture to freshening up your walls, ceilings, and even the air you breathe! 4D cleaning we call it.

These are just a few traditional cleaning methods which have become outdated and inefficient:

Firstly, the mop, or should I say the soggy, bacteria infested, stringy rag you swear by to ‘clean’ your floors with. Day in, day out. Apologies if we’ve just ruined a long-standing relationship, but the time has come to detach from the belief that the traditional mop is in any way sanitary, or safe. By using a mop, you’re simply smearing the same wet dirt over your floor, adding to the residue left behind. There’s a simple fix, a scrubber dryer. Scrubber dryers are great machines, they scrub your floor with a weighted brush (to really get in there) before sucking up any residue with a rubber sealed vacuum squeegee, leaving your floor squeaky clean & dry, immediately ready to safely walk on.

Secondly, the broom. Little did we know, the broom has been doing us dirty, quite literally. Each sweep, you’re only shifting the dirt visible to the naked eye, not seeing the unsettled dust particles being flung back up into the air ready to settle in a different spot, including the walls of your lungs. By investing in a sweeping machine, you can expect a more efficient sweep and a huge reduction in risk of pesky dust making an escape, safely.

We’re going that extra mile and debunking traditional surface cleaner too. Standard disinfectant spray doesn’t cut it anymore. Not now that we have SAO. For starters, traditional disinfectant comes in single use plastic spray bottles, not cool. Once sprayed, a chemical residue is left behind on surfaces and harmful pollutants dispersed into the air for us to breathe, not good. Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) works by attacking dirt, breaking it down into smaller particles and suspending it in solution. This reaction is called oxidation — and it’s what makes SAO so powerful. In fact, SAO exceeds Green Seal Standards (GS-37 and GS-53) as industrial cleaner. Did we mention it’s incredibly safe? When the job is done, it reverts back to water and oxygen with zero impact to our planet and waterways. Awesome. You can get an SAO unit installed so you have the super-smart solution ON TAP. No plastic, no residue, no faff, no brainer. You’re very welcome. If you’re in a food production or medical setting, and require a deeper clean, it might be more appropriate to go further by steam cleaning your furniture and equipment at high temperatures for instant sanitisation. Yes, we have machines for that too!

Moving onto cleaning your walls and ceilings, you might’ve already been using tools similar to brooms, mops and feather dusters, accept more specific to walls and ceilings. Are we right? Well, much to your surprise, machines can take care of this also. To replace the wall broom and feather duster, you can get vacuums with extensions to get rid of any debris or cobwebs in those areas, so the dirt isn’t just disturbed, it’s mechanically contained. No more manual handling of dirt, whatever your indoor environment. Some industrial facilities may require wet cleaning of walls and ceilings, in this case it’s probably worth looking into hot and cold pressure washers. Pressure washers will wet blast away any dirt. MotorScrubber is another range, great for mechanically wet scrubbing walls. No more manual scrubbing your walls and ceilings or having to dunk the brush head back into dirty water, as the Motorscrubber Jet squirts out a constant supply of clean water. Problem solved.

If you’re sat there thinking everything has been ticked off, think again. What about the air you breathe? Those scented room sprays you use, they’re nasty pollutants alone. So many indoor day-to-day activities create pollution. Did you know that indoor air is often 2-5X more polluted than outdoors? Many of us aren’t aware we’re being exposed to high levels of pollution and the risks involved. Brief yourself on air pollution here. We’re really lucky that we have access to a variety of air purifiers for almost any indoor environment. Domestic, commercial, medical, and industrial? You’re covered.

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Although there’s an endless list of differences between traditional and modern methods of cleaning, we think the proper way to differentiate the two is this; traditional methods focus is cleaning visual dirt and masking odours with artificial scent, whereas the modern approach is more thorough, not only removing visual dirt, but sanitizes as well. It’s arguable that many traditional cleaning techniques fail to clean much at all, but we’ll save that debate for a later date.

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Until next time, Clemas.

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