Used Sweepers

Used sweeper vacuums are floor cleaning machines that collect dust and debris from your floor in one pass. They’re made in various sizes to suit any dry indoor or outdoor space.

Gansow 512ET Pedestrian Sweeper

Hopper capacity: 50L
Sweep width: 70cm
Power: 12V
Used price: £3,250 (Demo)

Tennant 6100 Ride On Sweeper

Hopper capacity: 85L
Sweep width: 97cm
Power: Battery 36V
Used price: £12,350 (Demo)

Fiorentini I115SS Sweeper Scrubber Dryer

Tank capacity: 210L
Hopper capacity: 210L
Scrub width: 115cm
Power: Battery,  LPG, or Diesel Engine
Used price: £37,995

Powerboss SW6XV Ride On Sweeper

Hopper capacity:
Sweep width: 135 cm
Power: LPG
Used price: £5,995