Who Are Clemas? And Why Should You Care?

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We get it, cleaning can be boring, but it’s essential.

In case you aren’t aware, we’re a cleaning machine company. We know what you’re thinking… “so what?”.

Just look what we can do for you.

In terms of cleaning machines, we provide consultancy, sales, hire, lease, service, repair, call-out for breakdowns, parts supply, consumables, and even scrubber dryer chemical. Basically, if you come to us, you won’t need to go elsewhere for anything else related to your machine. A one-stop-shop!

We’re proud to be a completely independent cleaning machine supplier. This means that we’re not obligated to supply any certain make of machine, which gives us the freedom to advise you on a machine that’s right for you, without bias. If you come to us, we’re able to offer the best solution to suit your specific criteria. That being said, we don’t promote ALL cleaning equipment. We’ve built strong relationships with a selection of trusted manufacturers and by ensuring machines meet our own high standards, this allows us the confidence to recommend a high quality, efficient and reliable machines for your business.

Sure, you can go online and buy literally ANYTHING these days. But sometimes it doesn’t work out how we’d hoped, ending up with something that doesn’t quite fit the bill. We’ve all been there. If we apply this concept to cleaning machines, you could be risking a lot by investing without sufficient knowledge of what you need or what the machine will deliver. Not only risking financial investment, but also the health of you and others around you. We’ve seen it happen all before.

Clemas has been growing in the cleaning machinery industry for 35 years now, so we’re confident in calling ourselves experts. In this time, we’ve expanded our service offerings with the objective of being the best, not the biggest.

Without boring you, here’s a quick summary of our offerings so you know what you’re getting.

Consultancy: With 35 years’ experience, we’ve seen it all. Which is why we promise to make sure that we supply you with the right bit of kit. Visiting your site helps us determine the best solution for you. This typically involves a couple of stages; on our first visit we’ll survey your space and listen to your requirements so that we can better understand your needs. This way we can match up the best equipment to your application. On the second visit we’ll demonstrate equipment so you can be sure the machine you choose actually works in your facility!

Buy, hire & leasing options: If you’re needing a machine long term and would like to buy one, great! We can sell you a cleaning machine outright. But if you’d rather lease or take out a long-term hire contract, we can provide this also. If you’re looking for a shorter period then we can help you with this too, hire contracts starting at just 1 week.

Service and repair: Our 9 fully trained engineers are on the road, fully kitted out and ready to fix broken machines. If needed, your machine can come back to the workshop for repairs, your engineer would take it back in his van. All service contracts are 100% personalised to meet your needs so you can be certain you and your machine will benefit from what’s included.

Parts, consumables and chemical: All cleaning machines need basic maintenance to ensure they deliver consistent results. Things like cleaning the machine and replacing the brushes and squeegees when they’re worn down. But as the machine gets older, it’s likely it’ll need the odd replacement part, especially if the machine isn’t properly looked after. Thankfully, our engineers can fix almost any cleaning machine! You can relax knowing you’re in safe hands with us. If you’ve got a scrubber dryer, chemical might be required. We supply a variety of cleaning chemical solutions specifically designed for mechanical scrubbing machines, from light soiling to heavy duty grease and oil removal.

Here are the machine categories we offer…

If you’re still here, thank you for reading! Hopefully you’ll remember us when you have a dirt dilemma!

If you have any questions or want to enquire, please contact us on:

Email: info@clemas.co.uk

Tel: 01684 850 777

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