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i Range

Innovative Design For A Cleaner Tomorrow

The I Range is a collection of cleaning machines and products that harness the power of changing the way you think about cleaning. The lithium batteries are interchangeable across the range ( with the exception of the imop Lite )

Holistic Cleaning

We have divided the cleaning of a room in 4 dimensions.

1D Floors
2D Walls and ceiling
3D Furniture
4D Indoor air

These 4 dimensions influence how clean a room is. If you only clean one dimension, the dirt from the other dimension will infect the clean area again. In a recent study we have seen that an ATP tested clean floor was dirty again after just two hours. The interesting part is that the dirt wasn’t created by people walking on the floor. The dirt came from the air. The air? Yes the air! We often don’t realise that indoor air is often filled with pollution. These particles settle on the floor, furniture and walls so you will keep on having to clean them over and over again. That’s why we make the invisible visible. By knowing the problem areas in a room you will know how you can get it clean. Only when you approach cleaning in a holistic way you can achieve a REAL clean result.

Call us on 01684 85077 for further information on 4D cleaning or e mail

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The i-move2.5B backpack vacuum cleaner is easy to use and weighs only 5.28kg (including batteries).

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The i-spraywash is the only tablet-based cleaning system in the world.

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Price: £4,600 (Demo)

The i-air PRO delivers the best air you can breathe indoors.

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The cordless i-cover is an advanced cold mist generator designed to make your disinfecting job fast, efficient and thorough.

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Price: £2,400 (Demo)

A revolutionary scrubber dryer that cleans 50% faster than conventional mopping

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