i Range

4D Cleaning

  • Floors
  • Walls and ceiling
  • Furniture
  • Indoor air

These 4 dimensions influence how clean a room is. If you only clean one dimension, the dirt from the other dimension will infect the clean area again. In a recent study we have seen that an ATP tested clean floor was dirty again after just two hours. The interesting part is that the dirt wasn’t created by people walking on the floor. The dirt came from the air.

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i-move 2.5B Backpack Vacuum

Container capacity: 2.5L
Power: Battery  28V
Used price:

i-air PRO

 Recommended room size: 250-500m²
Used price: £2900


Used price:


Used price:


Used price:

i-mop Lite Scrubber Dryer

Tank capacity: 3L
Scrub width: 37cm
Power: Battery 18V
Used price: £2,400 (Demo)