Industrial Floor Cleaning Brushes


Clemas & Co. have been a respected supplier of Tennant cleaning machines, (including floor scrubber dryers) throughout most of England & Wales since 1988

Tennant Brushes At Great Prices

Scrubber Dryer Brushes  (Cylindrical and Disk) and Sweeper Brushes  (Main Brush and Side)

Why Get Your Tennant Brushes From Clemas ? 

  • Approved supplier for several years with close relationships with Tennant
  • Shipped throughout UK and Ireland
  • Competitive prices – please ask about bulk discounts
  • Friendly personalised service
  • Expert advice based on 33 years in the industry

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We recommend you get Tennant brushes for your Tennant cleaning machine since many “one-size-fits-all” brushes can be partially misaligned and may make uneven contact with the floor surface, leaving streaks and wearing some parts of the brush down faster than others.

Read our latest news article about how Clemas & Co go that extra mile to source spare parts for your cleaning machine

We also Repair and Refurbish 

With 31 years in the cleaning machine industry, our team of highly qualified engineers are able to offer you a range of refurbishment and repair services to breathe new life into your industrial cleaning equipment such as scrubber dryers, sweepers, vacuums and pressure washers.

You can be sure of getting:

  • A bespoke solution that exactly meets your business needs, your cleaning machine could simply be repaired so it’s working again or fully refurbished
  • A hassle-free service – your cleaning machine is collected and returned to you
  • A free, no obligation quote
  • Peace of mind that our highly skilled engineering team will complete work to the highest of standards every time – intensive testing is carried once work is complete and if necessary, adjustments are made
  • Maximum possible operating time from your cleaning machine and it’s safe to use
  • The choice to hire a cleaning machine while yours is being refurbished
  • A range of servicing packages to choose from to extend the life of your machine even further

Take a look  at a cleaning machine we have refurbished for a satisfied customer.

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