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Keeping a decent cleaning standard in bigger areas such as showers, restrooms and kitchens is a struggle. Operators don’t have enough time and existing methods are either expensive, difficult to master or heavy to work with. i-spraywash is the only tablet-based cleaning system in the world.

The i-spraywash system is a plug & play gun with an integrated dosing feature. It has a special nozzle that creates an active foam that really sticks to the surface.
All you need is a water hose and the right i-spraywash tab and you are ready to go! The operator doesn’t have to think about how the system works, only where to spray.


Cleaning 1m² in just one second you save up to 50% working time. Less is more. Faster foam coverage and less foam on the floor will save you time when rinsing.


The special foam nozzle and tablets create an effective active foam that sticks to surfaces and even those hard to reach corners.


The i-spraywash saves up to 25% of chemicals and 50% of water compared to traditional foam cleaners. All i-spraywash tablets are biodegradable and eco-friendly and developed with only the best active components, good for both the worker and the environment.


The i-spraywash is 2-3 times lighter than most liquid cleaning systems, saving weight on wrist, arm, shoulder and back of the operator. The concentrated tablets make sure you never over or under dose your chemicals. The system uses a colour-coding system to organise your daily cleaning.

…and better for everyone!

It has never been this easy, safe and effective to clean and disinfect! No more heavy lifting or transporting of liquid chemicals in concentrate or diluted form. The i-spraywash automatically dilutes and dispenses. All you have to do is to choose the right tablet for your current task.

i-spraywash Image 4, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

Choose the right tab

We offer a variety of 5 tablets for different cleaning and disinfection tasks.

i-spraywash Image 5, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

Connect to water hose

Simply connect to a water hose with normal water pressure. Works with cold, lukewarm and warm water.

i-spraywash Image 6, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

Integrated dosing

The i-spraywash has a function to adjust the needed dosing. Just turn to a adjust for the needed cleaning effect.

i-spraywash Image 7, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

2 in 1, click-off-click-on

When you are done spraying foam, simply click-off the foam nozzle and click on the rinse nozzle and start rinsing.


 i-spraywash Image 8, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

Colour-coded cleaning

The i-spraywash concept includes colour-coded tablet containers, tablet kits and equipment. Easily wall mounted for simple and safe storage.

 i-spraywash Image 9, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

Cut down shipping costs

1 concentrated tab is equal to 1 litre of  liquid concentrate, so instead of 18 bottles of liquid concentrate you will receive 18 tablets in a small compact carton box. This reduces the impact on the environment with at least 80%. Additionally the i-spraywash reduces your water usage up to 50%.

 i-spraywash Image 10, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

Two foam filters

The i-spraywash comes with two foam filters. The white foam filter is for fast, fine and compact foam. The black foam filter is used to create an increased foam effect and more concentrated foam, designed for floor cleaning.

i-spraywash Tabs

The Spraywash tablets are developed and produced only for use in the i-spraywash system. We offer a variety of tablets for different cleaning and disinfection tasks. We have cleaning tabs for descaling, daily and heavy duty cleaning. Our ChlorTab Extra and DesTab are among the most efficient disinfectants in the business and will increase your hygienic level.

i-spraywash Image 11, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

CleaningTab 1

For periodic descaling of all surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, mirrors, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against limescale and to prevent limescale build-up.

pH: 1.5

i-spraywas Image 12, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

CleaningTab 9

For daily and heavy cleaning of all surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against body fat, animal fat, vegetable oils, fats and dirt.

pH: 9.5

 i-spraywash Image 12, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

CleaningTab 12

For heavy cleaning on very dirty conditions that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against body fat, animal fat, vegetable oils, fats and dirts.

pH: 12


 i-spraywash Image 13, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 


Active oxygen disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi, biofilm and as odour control.

pH: 4.5


 i-spraywash Image 14, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

ChlorTab Extra

Chlorine disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces that can withstand water, including walls, floors, tables, equipment, machinery and inventory. Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, biofilm and as odour control.

pH: 6.0


 i-spraywash Image 15, 14.10.2020 RESIZED CANVAS 

Each box contains 18 tabs

Foam that sticks around

When you apply a thin layer of foam to the wall with the i-spraywash it really sticks. This means less rinsing of heavy airy foam on the floor. So less water and chemicals give you a much better cleaning result and will save you time and water when rinsing.

If you require a disinfectant battery operated sprayer take a look at the i-cover machine.



Technical specifications
Weight with foamsprayer0.8kg
Size with foamsprayer34 x 19 cm
Weight with rinse nozzle0.4kg
Size with rinse nozzle15.5 x 16 cm
Water pressure2-4.5 bar
Max. using temperature45º
Min. using temperature
Warranty1 year


Part exchange may be considered, speak to us about this at the time of purchase


  • Lease options for USED AND NEW floor cleaning machines
  • Lease available for any purchase over £1000
  • Lease over 3 or 5 years and spread the cost, servicing can be included in the cost


A large and comprehensive hire fleet for domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning

Weekly, monthly or long-term hire for up to three years

Some hire machines include : pedestrian and ride-on scrubber driers, pedestrian and ride-on sweepers, high pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners and polishers. Please see our hire pages for more details and prices.

Contract Hire

We provide the machinery with all the maintenance and breakdown support included. We will manage your cleaning machines, allowing you to concentrate on your core business

Payment Terms & Conditions:

Electronic bank transfer, debit cards and cheques are accepted. For any orders outside the UK we accept electronic bank transfer

Payment Terms & Conditions:Spare Parts And Accessories : Electronic bank transfer for any orders from outside the UK

Accounts : Once you have purchased your equipment you can apply for an account (subject to references and credit status), you can then buy spare parts and accessories with 30 days payment terms

Call us on 01684 850777 to discuss payment options for your next floor cleaning machine or email

Spare Parts For Your Floor Cleaning Machine

Supplied to UK and Ireland

Clemas & Co are an authorised supplier of spare parts for well known cleaning machine brands such as Tennant, Demon, Nilfisk, Fiorentini, IPC Gansow and Karcher.

We can source a wide range of consumables and accessories for your floor cleaning machine

We can source parts for most cleaning machines, just give us a call on 01684 850777 or use the contact form below.

"Choose File" gives you the option to upload an image of the particular part and/or machine model or serial number you are enquiring about. This is very helpful to us so we can identify and source the part more quickly.

What can you expect from us during a floor cleaning machine service?

Clemas & Co Ltd was originally established in 1988 on the basis of service alone. With this in mind we are confident that we can provide a thorough and comprehensive floor cleaning machine service for all your floor cleaning machines.

The best way to keep your floor cleaning machine running as it should is by taking out one of our scheduled service plans. Through preventative maintenance from regular servicing you will help to reduce costs and machine down time, allowing your machine to work at its best at all times. We also offer 'pay as you go' servicing to meet all your floor cleaning equipment needs and requirements.

When a machine service has been arranged through contact from our service department ( or calling 01684 850777, one of our manufacturer-trained engineers will arrive on your site at a pre agreed date. As each site is different and the cleaning demands placed on each machine are individual to each customer our experienced engineer will assess the floor cleaning machine and the and the cleaning task it is expected to carry out.

Why Choose Clemas?

You can be sure that cleaning downtime is kept to a minimum and we only supply the highest quality parts for a first class cleaning result, this is how:

  • Since 1988 we have built up good relationships with a large number of suppliers in the UK and Europe to be able to quickly source spare parts for cleaning machines both old and new
  • If you need assistance, orders can be made after a phone conversation with our technical expert for a better understanding of your needs so you get the right parts first time
  • We hold a large amount of standard stock at 2 warehouses which could mean you get what you need quicker
  • We can post nationwide including Ireland or our engineers can supply and fit in most of England & Wales
  • Prices are competitive with special offers and discounts available throughout the year, ask for more details when you call 01684 850777 or e mail us
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