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To fulfil the criteria to be eligible for our Full House deal you will need to :

Lease one of our floor sweepers along with a floor scrubber dryer and take out a 3 year service deal on both machines. Not only will we then offer you a great value weekly price, but we will also give you a machine cleaning kit free of charge.

Deals available under our “Full House” offer are:

  1. A S3 manual floor sweeper with a T300 50 scrubber dryer and servicing based on 2 site visits per year – all for £37+VAT
  2. A 512 battery floor sweeper with a T7 65 ride on scrubber dryer and servicing based on 2 site visits per year – all for £100+VAT
  3. A 512 floor sweeper ; a T300 50 scrubber dryer; a CV20 dry vacuum and a cold water pressure washer (Storm 1) – all for £68+VAT
    All lease prices are weekly & based on a 3 year deal.

The free cleaning kit you will receive on any of these deals will include: a maintenance spray, a hard surface cleaner, glass cleaner & a final dressing cleaner, everything you need to keep your cleaning machines and workshop areas looking good! To find out more information on these chemicals and others in our range please click here.

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