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If you’ve clicked here, this probably means that you’re interested in what we’ve got to say about cleaning machine parts & consumables. Not the most exciting topic, we know, but it’s so important that we fully understand how to care for our superb machines. This’ll be worth the read… and your machine will thank you later!

Before taking advice from us, we want to let you know that we are authorised suppliers of Tennant, Demon, Nilfisk, Fiorentini, IPC Gansow, Truvox, and I-Team. However, we can source parts for most cleaning machines including brands such as Karcher and Hako. Our team focuses on quality, anything that we provide is high-quality and authentic, so it’s always worth asking us for help!

Normally, your machine will arrive set up with the appropriate pad or brush recommended by the supplier. They’ll know which pad or brush to use by performing a site survey of your application. There are many things that we surveyors consider. What is the floor made from? What is the type of dirt are you trying to clean? How are you trying to clean the floor? What is your desired outcome? The list of factors could go on. What we’re trying to communicate, is that if your application isn’t properly assessed by a trained professional and you order something online, off your own back, there’s a good chance you aren’t going to get the results you desire… or worse, you ruin your floor… “Sorry Boss!” Even if you didn’t get your machine from us, we’re always happy to help you in your next steps to maintaining your machine.

Broken equipment is frustrating, time consuming and potentially costly, so being aware of the following crucial maintenance factors can save floor and machine from damage. Understanding the cause of common problems will minimise costs.

So, once you’ve received your machine from your supplier, it’s on you to give your new dedicated, hard-working team member the TLC they deserve (yes, we’re still talking about your machine). For some time, you won’t need to change or replace anything at all. However, it is helpful to know when to replace things. Here are some key indicators that your machine needs a replacement. 1. If your machine isn’t scrubbing/sweeping as efficiently than before, either the brush deck pressure is off and needs attention, or the bristles have probably worn down, therefore a brush replacement would be required. 2. If the pad driver on your machine is making contact with the floor, this can both damage your floor and equipment, so you’ll need to replace the pad as it has likely worn down. 3. If your scrubbing machine is leaving residue behind, check the angle of the squeegee as it could be incorrect, if that’s not the issue, the squeegee may need flipping or replacing if all edges have been previously worn.

Depending on your application, you may want to add a finish to your floor after cleaning it. Polishing leaves a beautiful shine to your floor. Another way of treating your floor is a method called burnishing. This is an abrasive polishing process which involves extreme friction to achieve a high gloss shine on flooring. Due to the aggressive nature of this method, the pad would need replacing much more frequently than less abrasive polishing methods.

Hopefully we haven’t fried your brain too much, as there’s one more thing that needs to be addressed. Chemical. Again, it’s a minefield, and you should always seek advice from a trained professional before purchasing or using any cleaning chemicals in your machine. You’ll be happy to know we’ve condensed it down to 3 key points. Hang on in there. 1. Before putting chemical in your machine, you must make sure they are safe for scrubber dryers! E.g., Inappropriate chemical could foam up too much, causing the vacuum motor to blow, or if too acidic the chemical will break down the seals and valves causing leaks and failed components. 2. Dosage. Even if the chemical is suitable for your industrial scrubbing machine, if the dosage isn’t right, it may still foam up too much potentially blowing the vacuum motor and leaves a sticky, dense residue on the floor which attracts more dirt over time and is much harder to solve later down the line. 3. Correct chemical for your specific application is so important. To achieve the results you need, you must use the correct chemical for your floor. E.g., A school corridor would likely require a general cleaning chemical like Multiscrub. However, a car garage which needs to clean oil and greases would need a stronger chemical like Ultra or Powerscrub.

In addition to our vast supply of consumables, we also source parts for almost any industrial cleaning machines. Whichever part you need, it’s likely we can help you. We could list all the parts we have, but we don’t want to bore you. To give you a brief idea; We do anything from hoses and bearings to wheels, or solenoids. Our huge range of batteries and chargers often comes in handy too. In other words, we’re the full package. Not only can we consult and supply you with a brand new or hired machine tailored to your specific needs and budget, we also service, repair, supply parts, consumables, and chemical solution. And just in case that wasn’t enough…

We would also like to let you know that there are now QR codes available for most machines we supply which detail specific parts & consumables for your machine. If you have any questions, or want to inquire please ring 01684 850777 or email

Disclaimer: all information stated is a generic guideline, you should always consult a specialist with any concerns you may have regarding your cleaning machine.

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