2021 – What a Year!

Happy New Year 2022 RESIZED CANVAS

Having suffered the enormous 2020 hammer blow, that was and still is COVID-19, then last year could be argued as an easier year.  In small ways it was for some, however, with so many companies and organisations on their knees and the remainder still fighting in the trenches, then it was far from what you would call a relief. A year of really tough times for every part of the globe; people and family, business, industry and particularly exhausting for those with hospitality at their core.  With incredible pressure upon pressure for our frontline services, now entering a third year of intense demand both physically and mentally then we thank you all.

Deep within the pandemic chasm you will find the story of Clemas & Co Ltd.  We too have suffered the pain of the last two years and at times it has been immensely challenging for all of us, both at work and on a personal level.  The ‘not again’ lockdown of January 2021 was a particularly difficult period and when once again we all hung on to the rollercoaster bars, doing all we could to ‘carry on as normal’, best we could.  Not until February 2021 had ended could we begin to push down on the accelerator – and we did, heavy footed.

Having seen out the year just a few days ago, then we now reflect with huge pride on our achievements in 2021 – we are full of gratitude to our customers, our partners and suppliers for the support they have given during such challenging times.  Most of all, we appreciate how we are recognised as a business that can been ‘turned to’ by so many; for cleaning machine and equipment supply, sound advice, for equipment hire, for service and repair, and for parts and consumables – we thank you for your business.

Our hard working and truly committed Clemas team, as always, have provided the same reliable, friendly, and professional service – helping us to be regarded as a constant in the cleaning equipment industry, despite such difficult trading conditions.  Well Done All.

To 2022 and beyond……

Our successes and achievement WILL be celebrated this New Year.  Clemas & Co Ltd will continue to grow, to prosper, to excel at what we do, but above all we will carry on delivering exceptional customer service and offering expert advice, providing great value and being a company on which customers can depend on.  With renewed optimism and energy, the power of vaccination (thank you to medical science), precautionary common sense and pure dogged determination to win, this WILL be a better year for ALL.

At Clemas & Co there is much to be looking forward to:

  • The welcoming of new cleaning machines and technologies – so many upcoming advances are in development. Cleaning machines will continue to improve on performance, efficiency and saving money.  The growing area of Automated Machine Robotics in our industry is an exciting prospect over the coming years too.
  • Digital communications project –We have been busily working on a very exciting digital customer experience. A new tool for our visitors and customers to engage with, to interact and to be immersed in.  Sorry, we can’t say anymore at this point but please keep checking in with us for news.  Not long to wait!
  • Providing even more help in putting this virus to bed – supporting and advising our customers on cleaning machines and introducing solutions to help with the Covid-19 fightback. Keeping equipment working and functioning to the best of its ability.

We will continue to campaign and advise on improving indoor air quality, whether it be for business, hospitality and entertainment, the health and care sector, education or any other indoor environment.  We love sharing the proven effectiveness of the i-airPRO – an indoor air healing machine proven to clean out bacteria, virus, VOC’s and harmful particles from the air we breathe.    We have 12 months experience of the i-airPRO in our offices – it works, it reduces illness and absence, it saves the business money, and it keeps us as safe as possible.  Oh, and we don’t freeze in the Winter or boil in the Summer – windows can be closed.

  • New relations – our recent hook-up with Victory Innovations. Victory Innovations are a world leader in Electrostatic Battery Handheld & Backpack Sprayers.  Flat and multi-dimensional spray coverage is superb.  Once cleaned, then a wholly sanitised surface is a safe surface, a safe touchpoint.  Clemas are excited to offer these innovative sanitising sprayers – reliable, robust and a clever technology.

Most of all, with everything crossed, we are looking forward to a world that will begin to ‘tip the balance’ in favour of the people in the fight against this horrible virus.  This year, in 2022, we are optimistic, and we are hopeful of a big step in the direction of normality, to engage with each other once again.  But, to do things differently – to do things better.

At Clemas & Co Ltd, we are ready.



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