Be Prepared For The Big Clear Up This Autumn

Autumn is fast approaching and as we all know there are several outdoor spaces that will need to be kept clean and tidy during the next few months ahead. Car parking areas, outdoor retail and leisure spaces, business outdoor parking and storage areas, schools and university outdoor spaces all need to be kept free from leaves that could decay and with rain get slippery and create a health and safety hazard. Debris has the potential of trips and falls so public walkways need to be kept clear at all times. Sweepers can be used for removing anything from broken glass, leaves, grass, metal shavings, paper, cigarette butts and small stones from either outdoor or indoor surfaces. Sweeping machines offer a cost effective way to clean which would normally take forever to clean manually using a broom.

Coping With Seasonal Variations

The seasonal variations that cleaning brings can be a challenge when planning resource, people, cost and logistics all need to be considered carefully and in good time to be fully prepared for this seasonal task. Ad hoc leaf and debris clearing needs temporary additional resource which may include extra staff and a cleaning machine for this particular purpose, the issue with this is that it is only for a few months of the year. A solution to this, instead of hiring several temporary people to do this manually, which takes time and can be a considerable cost. Another consideration is that this would most often be done during the hours that people are walking on the paths which then makes for an unpleasant experience for your customers or in other sectors anyone who would use these public areas. The solution is to hire a sweeping machine that very quickly and efficiently sweeps and collects debris and leaves in one pass, leaving pathways and public spaces clean and tidy during the Autumn period. An industrial sweeper can do the job of a team of workers in less time and the sweeper will most likely end up doing a far better job of removing dirt and dust.

Why Hire From Clemas?

Wide Range. Clemas offers different hire options for a wide range of sweepers from one week to several months.

Flexible Choice. If you are not sure how long you need the machine for it’s no problem, you will have the flexibility to extend your hire period to the time period that suits you.

Delivery. We deliver and collect your machine so it’s hassle free, we even give your staff training on how to use the sweeper as some of these machines can be large ride on machines, depending on the cleaning job at hand.

Always Working. Clemas has a team of experienced engineers who ensure your hired sweeper is running at its best at all times,  you won’t have to worry about this during your time using the sweeper, all you need to do is ensure that every time you use the sweeper that the container collecting the debris and leaves is emptied out and the machine is kept clean, it’s that simple.

Expert Advice. If you are not sure which sweeper is best for your particular task we have experts on hand to advise you what is suitable so you get the results you want first time without wasting money on the wrong choice.

Competitive Price. Weekly hire prices from Clemas are very competitive, also bear in mind that the longer you hire the sweeper for the less the weekly cost will be, ask us about this when you call and we will be happy to give you our price options.

So What Do You Need?

Sweepers can be pushed and are often referred to as a “walk behind” or “pedestrian” sweeping machine. Sweepers can also be driven and are referred to as “ride on”, these tend to be for larger spaces and work quicker than the walk behind sweepers. Clemas & Co Ltd are here to assist you so you make the right choice for your premises.

An example of a manual pedestrian sweeper is the Tennant S3, this machine is ideal for walkways and smaller areas and is very simple to use, for more details on this equipment please follow this link:

If you require a large sweeping machine you might want to consider the Tennant S20, this machine can cope with much larger spaces and is a ride on model, for more details please follow this link:

Make sure you are prepared for the Autumn clear up, call us on 01684 850777 to hire your sweeper today, or email

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