Happy New Year! Make way for 2021!

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Clemas & Co Ltd are looking forward to this new year filled with opportunities to assist our customers in getting the most out of their cleaning equipment, through machine service, hire and sales.

We have some exciting new products to talk about such as Tennant’s fantastic S16 Ride-On Sweeper, a brand new model, and the i-air PRO. The i-air PRO is a stand-alone unit that cleans the air we breathe to ensure good health and performance. We look forward to discussing these products in more detail soon.

How can Clemas & Co Ltd assist you in 2021?


We have a large selection of hire machines, ranging from scrubber dryer machines, sweeping machines in both ride on and pedestrian versions. We also have industrial pressure washers, steam cleaners and carpet cleaners. Call us for a quote, we hire from 1 week to long term of 3 years. Every customer has individual requirements so we will offer a bespoke solution to match budget, cleaning demands and application.


Clemas can provide servicing on a wide range of industrial cleaning equipment. Our engineers are fully trained and arrive equipped with parts and consumables to ensure your machine is properly maintained and at optimum performance. Benefit from a Clemas service contract with a set amount of services over the year, decided by you, at fixed costs for term.


Clemas will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing a cleaning machine solution. Whether you select to buy a new machine or a used cleaning machine, here at Clemas we have it covered! Our knowledgeable sales team will discuss your application and cleaning needs then recommend the best cleaning equipment. We do not stop there, as once we have delivered your machine, we will provide training on both how to use and maintain the equipment. Furthermore, we will always be on hand for future advice.

Parts & Consumables:

Clemas have a generous stock of machine parts and consumables. We have great relationships with many machine manufacturers, so sourcing a part that isn’t in current stock, is easily solved.

Call us: 01684 850777

Email: info@clemas.co.uk

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