Introducing the revolutionary new i-mop.

i-mopClemas & Co Ltd are excited to announce the arrival of the i-mop scrubber dryer into our range of industrial cleaning machines. The i-mop has been labelled “revolutionary” and has been tipped to transform the cleaning industry due to its unique and innovative design.

The i-mop gains its fantastic manoeuvrability from the patented 360 degree titanium hinge joint. This enables the machine to turn “on a sixpence” and clean right up to the edge of any object. Until now messy mops and buckets have been the only way to clean compact spaces such as toilet cubicles, under beds and tables. However the i-mop enables the operator to clean all these areas in an efficient and hygienic manner. As the i-mop scrubs and dries at the same time and leaves no dirty residue the mop and bucket are likely to become a relic of the past!

The i-mop only weighs 22kg which compared to a comparative 40 litre scrubber dryer machine at 170kg makes it incredibly light. The two counter rotating brushes (with a total brush width of 18 inches) run at approx. 300rpm. No functioning wheels are in contact with the floor, giving the machine a hovercraft feel and enabling outstanding manoeuvrability. As no wheels take the weight of the machine all the machine weight is placed on the brushes, giving a brush pressure of 22kg (equivalent to a ride on scrubber dryer). The good brush pressure and outstanding manoeuvrability allow the i-mop to work at any speed, literally as fast as the operative can walk without any loss of efficiency.

The light weight of the machine has further advantages in that it can be carried up and down stairs or from one cleaning area to another incredibly easily. Additionally it can be stored in the same size spaces as a vacuum cleaner.

Used in conjunction with the i-mop cleaning trolley a cleaning system is created. The cleaning trolley carries replaceable water tanks and batteries. Each 4 litre tank of fresh water can clean 300-400m2 with the dirty water being collected in an integrated 40 litre container. The environmental benefits of this are obvious when you compare this level of water usage against the 50 litres required by a standard scrubber dryer.

The ideal facility for an i-mop would be small to medium sized. However this could be across any industry as the machine has the capability to clean almost any floor surface.

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